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Nethy's case: Stéphane Moreau speaks for the first time on TV

Stéphane Moreau came out of silence this Sunday morning on RTL-TVI. The former head of Nethys gave his version of the political scandal that has plagued Walloon life for years.

Stéphane Moreau was a guest of Christophe Deborsu this morning in the show "It's not every day Sunday" on RTL TVi. He spoke for the first time on TV since the beginning of the Nethys affair.

"We have resigned"

Stéphane Moreau first confirmed that the management of Nethys has resigned. "We resigned, it's over" he assured. And he does not intend to fight against his rejection: "O n does not fight against windmills, and then it is the choice for a company to change the board and management."

The former mayor of Ans also commented on his silence. "A businessman is not there to express himself permanently, he is there to run his business. I do not do politics ."

According to him, the sale is suspicious Win, Elicio and Voo subsidiaries were made in full openness.

Regarding his salary, the former chief of Nethys justified his remuneration: "Most political parties think it is normal for companies to pay the same salary. from all the restrictions directed at Nethys. It needs to be emphasized this different treatment between other industrial companies and which develops in the middle. competitive with 1

00% public funds ".

Nethy's Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday approved the appointment of a new trio of directors composed of Jean-Pierre Hansen, Laurent Levaux and Bernard Thiry.

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