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Mutiny in Naples: Dries Mertens sold in January?

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The striker is suspected to be one of the leaders of the myth orchestrated by the Napoli players against a green decision decided by President Aurelio De Laurentiis after the draw against Salzburg.

Even without points, Dries Mertens fought as hell against Genoa this Saturday. The evidence that despite the recent clash between the locker room and the club's manager, the player is still concerned about the mission that is his in Campania. This is important considering that the Louvanist was announced as one of the most important "gang leaders" during this memorable quarrel.

But Aurelio De Laurentiis has little memory. And the Neapolitan president would have made the decision to get rid of the leaders for what might be called a mutiny. Among them, Mertens is therefore Lorenzo Insigne or Jose Callejón. Gazzetta dello Sport states on Monday that the Belgian should have been placed on the list of transfers for the month of January.

Corriere dello Sport goes on and talks about a close agreement between the thirty-two-year-old and Inter, but for a start this summer. Without a doubt letting him join or even exceed Marek Hamsik in the legend of the club, he is no longer five "small" targets in the Slovak ranking of the biggest artists in Naples. Our Italian colleagues even mention a two-year contract with a salary of six million euros per year.

As a reminder, the contract from Drieske ends on June 30 and he will be free to talk to other clubs this winter. We also remember that several Chinese teams were ready to put in the package to recruit. A situation that the bubbling De Laurentiis had unequivocally answered: " If a player wants to sell to China to live a shitty life (sic) two or three years while he is overpaid, that is his problem" , "said the filmmaker in mid-October.

How does the case end? Take out popcorn!

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