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Lieberman is the "laissez faire" of the recommended person for the post of Prime Minister

Avigdor Lieberman, Consider on " Faiseur de Roi " potentially apres les legislatives Israelis, confirming the dimension of not recommending the person to the post of Prime Minister, neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor his rival Benny Gantz, Arrivals and Elections.

The party of centrist Kahol Lavan ("Bleu-Blanc") Benny Gantz and 33 cases in the 120th Parliament of the Legislative Council of Mardi, contra 31 to the Likoud (droite) de M. Netanyahu, Prime Minister's assignee.

Passing the Majority

Benny Gantz expresses objection to 57 of his potential appeals to the Arabs, and M. Netanyahu to 55 of the ultra-Orthodox party, but These are scores of more than 61

members of parliament, the seat of the majority of parliament.

Israel Beitenou, M. Lieberman, head of nationalist formation nationalist campaign, in a campaign for ultra-orthodox and quasi avait foot tiplié par le passé les declarations fracassantes contra les formations arabes, an affirmé dimanche qu'il ne saloutiendre neither M. Netanyahu nor M. Gantz.

" Nous ne ferons pas parti du bloc avec les haredim (juifs ultra -orthodoxes) et les messianistes. Nose new advisers pass Netanyahu as president for this raison "and M. Lieberman declares the press conference at Yad Hashmona (center).

Debut of consultations

It" nous ne Pouvons only recommends Benny Gantz in his inquiry into the government's list of Arab (…) ", and an affidavit with the Minister of Defense." Les haredim is not adversarial politicians, but les arabes nos ennemis ", at-il asséné.

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Avigdor Lieberman's express avant-garde in the trial of President Reuven Rivlin qui The first dimension of consultations for a decision by Benjamin Netanyahu or Benny Gantz aura in the form of a coalition government, and sort of Israel's impasse, the electoral legislative sans vainqueur clair.

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