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Liberation of Dutroux: letter from Laetitia Delhez and Jean-Denis Lejeune to justice

Miscellaneous facts

Written by attorney Georges-Henri Beauthier, this letter signed by Lætitia Delhez and Jean-Denis Lejeune condemns the lack of regard for the victims.

On October 17, a hearing will be held behind closed doors at Ittre Prison as part of Marc Dutroux's release request. This hearing "on the appointment of an expert panel, inter alia to inform the Court of the application of punishment in the matter of dangerousness" explained Me Dayez, lawyer Marc Dutroux. It will be "to establish a detailed psychiatric profile to enable the court to make a decision with complete knowledge of the facts." The issue of a risk of recidivism will be addressed in particular by these experts.

Lætitia Delhez, one of Marc Dutroux's victims, and Julie's father, Jean-Denis Lejeune, reveal, through his lawyer, Georges-Henri Beauthier, his feelings towards this first step in this legal process. 1

9659004] This letter firstly states that Laetitia Delhez and Jean-Denis Lejeune comply with applicable laws. Extracts

"With regard to the conditional release of a convicted person, the law provides that the interest of the community shall be taken into account by the Prosecutor in the opinion he gives to the Tribunal of Application." "This one fines this possible relief and the circumstances surrounding it. The legislation also provides that the victim can be heard."


"What my customers regret is the small space reserved for them in this debate, especially impossible to read the file before the hearing and participate in it throughout. of all efforts. "

Lætitia Delhez adds that " fear the fighter nothing with the idea of ​​imagining Marc Dutroux's exit, under such conditions ". Jean-Denis Lejeune and Lætitia Delhez believe that "everyone must take responsibility" .

"They both refuse to attend a media show given that the real debate should take place. For the post, Marc Dutroux was sentenced in 2004 to life imprisonment for the murders of Julie, Mélissa, An and Eefje. Laetitia Delhez and Sabine Dardenne was found alive in her home.

In theory, Dutroux has been released since April 30, 2013.

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