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Le chinois Fosun rachète la brand Thomas Cook

The group Fosun and an advertised vendor of the acquisition of the Thomas Cook brand for 11 million livres (13 million euros), plus the month of retiring bankruptcy of the British Voyagiste.

Fosun Explicit Dance a public stock broker in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Thomas Cook is listed as the tourism brand plus connectors in the history of 178 years of history, as well as a fait accompli actor and senior secretary. [19659002] The transaction deals with the participation of the authorities in respect of the intellectual intellectual property of social enterprises.

The entrepreneurial chinoise, the proprietorship of Club Med, is avaiable for the prendre une participation in the major dance of the activity of the tour. operator Thomas Cook, but plan the cleaning only after all the terms and voyagist statements in the court of law and a fine of liquidity of your lendemain on September 23.

Depuised liquidator public au Royaume-Uni tente The vendor's assets are for the return of the creditors.

A total of 6 million of the living units of the Royaume-Uni agency at Hays Travel, which is subject to the permit of just 2,500 employees The total bankruptcy of the group, as well as its citizens, in the inconsistencies of Brexit and the changes in the modes of consumption, as well as the careers of non-salaried employees in the UK but une opération de rapatriement hors normes de 1

40.000 touristes britanniques.

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