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Jean Nouvel ports plain in the Philharmonic, with advertising 170 million euros

Les Ateliers Jean Nouvel's portrayal of plain "concussion" and "favoritism" versus the Paris Philharmonie, in the advertising of the architects 170 million euros and a raise of budget surplus for the construction of the concert hall , at-on appris lundi de sources concordantes.

Dance so plain, deposited on October 14 for the National Finance Department, the Cabinet Foundation of the Jean Nouvel architect against the "vigoureusement" of the demanding financial address of the public philharmonie institution de Paris, "exorbitant" and "unfair" jugée.

A l'origine de cette créance: the volume of the prestigious hall of the Paris concert, passed the 1

73 million euros worth of launch in 2006 About 386 million euros were spent on the inauguration in January 2015.

Selon les Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the director of the project's management of the project of the Philharmonic or Elle-meme. This is the case, as opposed to being imputable to the architects, to the agency of the so-called evaluation of the agency and to the effect of the "permanent modifications".

In April 2017, the establishment of the agency the salle and ainsi address an invoice of 170.6 million euros to the architects. This request, confirmed by "titled executive" in September 2017, is comprised of penalties for retarded assessments of 91 million Euros.

Pour les Ateliers, which is currently "totally disproportionate to the total loss but according to a report some of these are effective effects on "the architect, to the tune of 12 million euros in fees, the common consultancy on the AFP.

" Les faits sont d'autant plus inhabituels que "la Philharmonie" a in fact, the choice of pure uniqueness of the agency, in the exclusion of contractors, is the diffusion of faithful and legitimate exploration of legitimacy, "according to architects, William Bourdon and Vincent Brengarth.

Pour eux, The Philharmonic Demand Relative to the "Concussion", to the Savor of Perception by an Agent or Public Establishment of some State of the Induce.

Read the Advocate's Disposable Self of the "Favoritism" for the Order of Service e passés avec l'entreprise Bouygues, selection of sans l'accord de l'architecte. The accent is in Philharmonie's "faux et de use de faux" for the advent of the document of the chancellors of the Cabinet of Architects, Apres sa mise à l'art.

Jean Nouvel and the Philharmonie are engaged dance to the mediatique and judiciary depuis the inauguration of the 14th of January 2015, at the level of the architectural aviation reimbursement of the participant, but the fact of the term terminate of the contract.

Le prix pritzker 2008, qui se considère evincé du project and don libre de sprimer, et été jusqu'à parler de "sabotage", accusant to the director of the Philharmonie of the award of the decision "disastreuses" on the course of hiring.

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