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Israeli software installed on WhatsApp spied on Moroccans

Of those targeted, 100 were human rights defenders in many countries around the world, including Morocco. The shortage, which was first released in May, allowed hackers to install spyware by simply calling WhatsApp users.

Manufactured by the Israeli company NSO Group, this software is a violation of the rights of the person's fundamental, according to Danna Ingleton, Deputy Director of Amnesty tech. She believes that Whatsapp's latest disclosures highlight the fact that the NSO Group continues to benefit from its spy programs used to intimidate, track and punish many human rights defenders around the world, including in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico

"WhatsApp should be commended for their strong stance on these harmful attacks, for their efforts to bring the NSO to justice in court, "she added. According to Amnesty International, this is the safest way to prevent governments from using NSO spyware for malicious purposes.

To defend itself, the NSO argued that its spyware was only intended to "prevent criminal and terrorist acts". However, Emnesty claims that the company's invasive surveillance tool is used to commit human rights violations.

NSO's Pegasus software was used to target journalists and activists across the country. the world, including Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. An employee of Amnesty International was also targeted with NSO malware.

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