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Greta Thunberg and the children's crusade

Behind the young Swedish Greta Thunberg on all continents, teenagers declare war on a production system that leads the planet to chaos.

She is 16 and each of her interventions affects as many people as Mark Zuckerberg. Never seen! The girl has shorted all stages, all relays. Before her, and as a big sister, Malala Yousafzai was rewarded in 2014 by the Swedish Nobel jury when she was only 17 years old. His fight for peace began five years ago in Pakistan, followed by a commitment to girls' education. An unremitting struggle throughout the world

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Since then, Malala has been hatched all over the world. As if this young girl had paved the way for a generation of both genders. As if the world from now on belonged to them, those under the age of 20, placed before the emergency. They are young but do not have time to wait. They are still children and are already thinking about what they will get later. They are still in school and already elsewhere. As if being born at the dawn of this century had taken the idea that it must end differently. For a year, Greta has tried to convince all continents and condemn the leaders' inaction to protect the planet and the climate emergency. As if the awakening to consciousness had become contagious. No longer for a political conscience, but for a civil conscience. This youth not only wants to be a spectator, it wants to act in the world to make it his world. This is Greta's struggle, from the National Assembly to the UN through Davos and other prestigious meetings. To tell the leaders of the international community that they must act is not new, but this generation explains to them how they must act.

The goal of these teens is not to put power on the ground, not even to make it bend, but to bend a policy that addresses them directly. They put leaders in front of their … responsibilities. "What impresses me is the fact that they know and trust the researchers' work. They have even become megaphones. They have a great awareness of the issues but also of the solutions," explains Deputy Matthieu Orphelin, when Greta Thunberg and his friends came to the National Assembly.

  FRENCH IRIS DUQUESNE (16 YEARS), to the left of Greta Thunberg, complains to the UN with 15 other youth against inactive climate in some states, September 23.

THE FRENCH IRIS DUQUESNE (16 YEARS), to the left of Greta Thunberg, complains to "Onu with 15 other youth against the passivity climate of some states, September 23. © KENA BETANCUR / AFP

But what are they afraid of? because? What can scare these leaders? who, in turn, criticize the positions of the young Swede? That is true. She and her colleagues are not afraid to upset an established order that does not suit them. They want answers and quickly. The long time is not for them, let alone the Greek calendars. Strikes and climate marches extend in all capitals, in all major cities, here they are joined by the Extinction Rebellion movement, the same generation that encourages civil disobedience by blocking city centers. Girls and boys demand the truth and the evidence. the feeling of the other, the collective and the sharing. They want to hear the closing clap of individualism. It is the "roommate" generation that prefers society over the couple. The one who social success is no longer a model and money plus an ideal. Their values ​​are different and much more engaging, more rewarding and more urgent. Only the old ones find them ridiculous, only the older ones complain about youth. If Greta Thunberg is now a figure of the youth movement for the climate, she is no longer the only one who embodies this struggle.

  THAILAND RALYN SATIDTANASARN (age 12), known as Lilly, leads the fight against plastic. She picks up trash on a canal in Bangkok.

THAILAND RALYN SATIDTANASARN (12 years old), called Lilly, leads the fight against plastic. She picks up trash on a canal in Bangkok © SOPHIE DEVILLER / AFP

In Colorado, we find 19-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, who has been involved since he was a kid, when he was only six when he held his first talking about climate change to an audience in 2015, along with other young people, he goes so far as to file a complaint against the federal state for his passivity, a first that will be followed in other countries. The case is ongoing and the young boy continues the fight through an international foundation led by … his mother, enough to give arguments to those talking about manipulation, but it is from his father, who aroused him in the Aztec tradition, that his commitment comes to him. Indonesia, it is the Wijsen sisters that Bali, Isabel and Melati started in 2013 to dispose of plastic waste. They give themselves the example by cleaning the beaches and launching their non-governmental organization, Bye Bye plastic bags. Those who were only 10 and 12 years old at the beginning of their process managed to get almost 90,000 signatures to meet the governor. Since then, they have emulated and are no longer alone in wanting to liberate their country from these imperceptible bags.

  Leah Namugerwa "title =" Leah Namugerwa "/> </span><figcaption class=

Leah Namugerwa © Reuters

A close 10,000 km away, beyond the Indian Ocean, a young Ugandan woman also took the lead. At 15, Leah Namugerwa began , inspired by Greta Thunberg, roam the streets of Kampala, a sign in hand, to protect the planet. The massive deforestation in his country served as a trigger, but no question for her to stay there. It undertook to plant 200 trees for her 15 years, before she also goes to the fight against plastic bags, she rode her speech and crossed her country to educate young people her age. And it works! Friday they are now many who will strike. demand awareness of u As in Poland, Inga Zasowska followed this strike, for her every Friday is black friday, friday for survival, the opposite of those who strive to fill the cupboards in worthless expenses. the fate of a part of Parliament to defend its cause. Their case

  GERMAN FELIX FINKBEINER (22 YEARS) started his Plant-for-the-Planet project at 9 years old. More than 13 billion trees were planted in 190 countries.

GERMAN FELIX FINKBEINER (22 YEARS) started his Plant-for-the-Planet project at the age of 9. More than 13 billion trees were planted in 190 countries. © dpa Picture-Alliance / AFP

Another of the German Felix Finkbeiner, his challenge is to replant trees as much as possible to absorb gas emissions He is nine years old when he becomes aware of this, 2007. Hans energy is spreading. In the same year, 50,000 trees are planted. The following year, Felix declares his commitment to the European Parliament and three years later he was at the UN at the General Assembly, well before the Greta phenomenon, and in 2011, thanks to his action, he can claim a million trees to be planted around the world. human chain materializes and the poet of Fort Fort, "If all the world's guys and girls wanted to give themselves a hand," find its significance, but they are not dream poets. None of these young people would have succeeded in this bold gamble without their time, internet and social networks. They need less time than a rotation of the earth to spread, organize and convince. If they do not speak the same language, they have the same language.
On the French side, Iris Duquesne followed Greta Thunberg to the UN. She signed the lawsuit filed against five countries, including France, on behalf of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, together with fifteen other youths in the Children vs. Children movement. Climate Crisis. His model is Swedish. Proof that it is the latter that awakens an entire generation.

  THE AMERICAN EMMA GONZALEZ (age 19), shaved head, survivor of the Parkland murders, attends March for Our Lives March 24, 2018, in Washington.

The AMERICAN EMMA GONZALEZ (19 YEARS), Shaved Head, Survivor of the Battle of Parkland, attends March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018, in Washington DC © EUTERS / Aaron P. Bernstein [19659008] Others in the world have engaged body and soul for other causes, against weapons in the United States, on behalf of Emma Gonzalez, or to oppose forced marriage in Malawi, a fight run by Memory Banda, who could not bear to see her sister , Mercy, go to an initiation camp before the wedding, like the evil But it is the climate fight that unites and unites this age group. With, sometimes, a sense of responsibility and seriousness that worries Matthew Orphelin: "Nor should we address them in all the concerns related to the planet and passivity. I advise them not to end up in defeat.


They are more and more young to militate without knowing the meaning of this word. For them, getting involved naturally


Right now when some adults want to whistle" the end of recreation ", the opposite is true. At colleges in France and elsewhere, Lucy and many others, only 12 years, hesitate to ask his parents to apologize for a climate strike on Friday. They are more and more young to militate without knowing the meaning of this word. For them, commitment is natural. The movement is rooted and will not stop. Emmanuel Macron admitted that he had changed thanks to the youth. The struggle began to bear fruit. Those that this generation wants to raise.

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