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French grands crus turns into alcohol to be disinfected

The French wine sector is suffering from the coronavirus crisis, with closures of bars, restaurants and the absence of tourists in France for long weeks. The prices for the Bordeaux vintages for the year 2019 could therefore not be evaluated, and grands-crus could therefore not be purchased in time before their bottling, according to the usual protocol.

The French government has drawn up a rescue plan for the sector, which was approved by Europe last month. On Thursday, the European Commission authorized France to further support its wine growers by increasing the volume of wine that will be subjected to crisis distillation.

It is clear that 3.3 million hectoliters of wine will be withdrawn from the French market, which would free up storage capacity, restore the balance between supply and demand and avoid a fall in prices. .

On a voluntary basis, wine producers will be able to sell their unsold products to distilleries at a price of EUR 83 per hectolitre of wine with a protected designation of origin or a protected geographical indication and at EUR 63 per hectolitre for unnamed wine.

These wines will then be converted into alcohol used for industrial purposes, including disinfection, or for pharmaceutical or energy purposes, the European Commission specifies. A heart injury, without a doubt, for lovers of fantastic wines …

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