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François Fornieri announces the acquisition of Win and Elicio, two subsidiaries of Nethys

Ardentia Holding and Ardentia Tech resign to take over Win and Elicio, two subsidiaries of Nethys, announced the group on Wednesday evening in a statement. The decision was made in consultation with Nethys, which remains the sole shareholder in both companies, says Ardentia. The sale of Win (data service company) and Ellicio (wind power company) had leaked a lot of ink in September when the press revealed that Nethy's two subsidiaries, like Voo (telecommunications), had been delivered without prior notice to the parent company Enodia (formerly Publifin). A potential conflict of interest had also arisen for the transfer of Win and Elicio to Ardentia, with Stéphane Moreau, the iconic CEO of Nethys, also as CEO of Ardentia.

"By deciding to get involved in both companies., My desire has always been to put my enthusiasm and entrepreneurial experience at the service of these projects," said François Fornieri, Ardentia's CEO, quoted in the press release. "I have always wanted to develop a economic activities to maintain strong tools in the Liège basin. It was in the same spirit and with the aim of regaining a calm climate that enabled continued business for the companies which was a solution. found, "continues the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Mithra.

Stéphane Moreau has since resigned as CEO of Ardentia. After the Wallonia government canceled the sale, he had also resigned from Nethy's board before being disqualified from the steering committee of the new CA in the subsidiary of Intercommunal Enodia.

If the Walloon managers made a good decision to interrupt the sale of Voo, Elicio and Win, it was still necessary to negotiate with the buyers about the breach of contract, so the issue seems to be settled for Elicio and Win ̵

1; but the short release does not mention any remuneration that Nethys will pay, but it remains to resolve the sale of Voo to Providence, a US investment fund, Nethys last week was in the spotlight.

Nethys Board of Directors and its new CEO Renaud Witmeur, who act temporarily, saying for their part that they are "happy to have reached an agreement with M . Fornieri and the majority shareholder companies. This agreement restores the existing situation by bringing Win and Elicio companies back to the Nethys Group. "The future of these" profitable and developing companies can thus be prepared in a calm and unpleasant environment, "concludes the statement.

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