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France – World | Influenza: the vaccination campaign has started

The campaign against influenza vaccination 2019-2020 begins.

Why It Matters? Because flu can cause life-threatening complications: People at risk must be vaccinated, authorities say

Who are people at risk? Elderly, patients with certain chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure or respiratory disease …), obese people, pregnant women (regardless of pregnancy stage) … For example, the latter can cause miscarriage. In 2017-2018, flu caused a death toll of approximately 13,000 people.

How to get vaccinated? All adults for whom vaccination is recommended can withdraw their vaccine at the pharmacy, by simply presenting their health insurance coupon (the vaccine is reimbursed to 1

00%). A delay of 15 days after vaccination is necessary to protect.

A news this year. Since last week, pharmacists have been able to vaccinate people for whom the injection is recommended. Other healthcare professionals who may be vaccinated are doctors, nurses and midwives.

What else to do with the virus? Prevention reduces the risk of getting infected in winter: wash your hands often with soap and water or with a hydroalcoholic solution, sneeze into the elbow rather than in your hands, use a disposable tissue or wear a disposable mask when you have flu-like symptoms, especially in contact with weak people.

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