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For mornings that have a bonus

Hubert Cormier continues his singular path in the culinary world. The nutritionist who offered us, among other things, Hubert [19459005:s] advice – a true Bible of 500 foods – is back with Protein Lunches a book that gives a big boost to today's most neglected meal.

There is no reason for him to refuse to eat properly in the morning. "When we eat breakfast, it gives us a more active lifestyle," says Hubert Cormier. We have more energy, we may do more sports, and in studies it is associated with less smoking, less snacking in the evening … These are just better lifestyle habits.

Hunger doesn't bite you as soon as you step out of bed? All you need to do is break up your lunch: consume some at home and the other in the office, he says.

You just don't have enough time to feed yourself at dawn? Get your original on-the-go suggestions as mini zones or a smoothie with peach pie

Another suggestion: build your lunches the day before. "There are many things you can do to make life easier in the morning," says Hubert Cormier. At dinner, the kitchen is already dirty; you can take advantage of it to make a chia pudding or banana bread that cooks in a slow cooker … "

The importance of proteins is no longer proven. They have a role that is impossible to ignore in terms of saturation , explains Hubert Cormier.

"If we do not consume enough in the morning, we will feel hunger around. temptation like chocolate cake in the vending machine, and it can contribute to weight gain, excessive calories.

Of course, not all lunches make it possible to achieve the standards required by our body.

"For example, a typical breakfast with two toasts with jam and orange juice is just carbohydrates. Protein, there is almost nothing," says the nutrition doctor.

And forget the famous muffin coffee combo from a restaurant or convenience store. "A commercial muffin and coffee is simply not a good choice because there are muffins that can be up to 400 or 500 calories, a meal as such. We do not find protein, only fat and sugar. In addition, coffee does not necessarily provide a lot of nutrients

Fortunately, not all morning habits are out of order. To compensate for the lack of two toast with peanut butter and a banana, all you need is a small bowl of Greek yogurt or a glass of flavored kefir.

they do not have great cooking ability, things can also be very simple.

"I would start with something as simple as a chia pudding, just add a liquid to the chia seed, which will be thicker. I think it's good to eat, you can serve it with a fruit, "suggests Hubert Cormier

Pancakes with gingerbread

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Hard egg, bacon and cheese muffins

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Chia Pudding with grapefruit and long pepper

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Bites of Baked Eggs

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Tender sticks with walnuts

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