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Find the route to Jared Leto's Joker

Malgré so volunté de continuer à explorer le rôle, Jared Leto ne devrait plus incarner le Joker dans de futures productions DC.

With controversy, Jared Leto, Jared Leto, Suicide Squad, the initial stage of revenge as well as the projectors' traversal in a stand-alone film in aura of a single facet or a certain one autres production DC. A feu-vert replay of the Le Joker movie with a scene from actor Joaquin Phoenix and the newspaper from the public and the fans vis-à-vis you actor Jared Leto auraient toutefois remis a question for the project.

Selon une source de THR, Jared Leto aurait très mal de aboutissement du project de Todd Philipps, qui aurait scellé sa career et du DCU. Warner Bros, the son cote, aurait laissé le rolle au placard, is content observer of the accueil to seri reserve in son film on petit budget. The huge success of The Joker in box office aura in the final definition of the idea of ​​fair revenues to your Jared Leto pour ce role. Sur son site, THR reports on the proposal for laissent plus plans aucun doute. “How much do you think of the Joker for Phoenix performance? It is the definition of Leto's career… ”

Paradoxic element, the Joker de Joaquin Phoenix avaits one of the first retirement in one shot. Read three performances of film in the box office for a toutfois break for production in demand for the revenues of our suite, but with an integration of DCU's remaining step with probable dance of measurement or timeline and respect only for the cell of the author films DC and le ton du film are not an accord avec celui des other productions of DC.

A parallel, on note as DC launches in the 2020 suite "Suicide Squad", Baptisée Birds of Prey, qui narrera l ' emancipation d'Harley Quinn, which is the claim of Larger le Joker.

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