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Federal negotiations: the Flemish parties in the “bubble of the five” slow down MR

Despite the fact that the press release comes from four different parties, it is again Georges-Louis Bouchez who is being attacked by the parties in the north.

Lhe Flemish parties in the “bubble of five” reacted negatively on Thursday to the joint withdrawal of the liberals and ecologists. They point out the singularist MR and its president Georges-Louis Bouchez. “Above all, he wants to keep (liberal) Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès in the saddle.”


In the morning, the Liberals and environmental activists shared a joint statement rejecting the institutional component proposed by the reformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS). The two political families also say they refuse to “participate in an escalation that strikes them”.

Critics who target MR

On N-VA, but also on CD&V and SP.A, this edition went badly and the critics directed singularly at MR. Georges-Louis Bouchez is thus seen as “a spider on his web” and especially wants to “keep Sophie Wilmès in the saddle”. “It is now clear that Vivaldi is alive again,” they say “off the record” among Flemish nationalists.

This coalition, without the N-VA, had been tested for some time by the president of the PS Paul Magnette at the end of 2019, during his first assignment as royal informant. It would unite socialists, liberals, ecologists and CD-V’s Flemish Christian Democrats.

A “five-party bubble”

Accused of royal missions since July 20, reformers Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS) have managed to form a “bubble of five” parties willing to start talks with a view to forming a new federal government. This bubble includes PS, SP.A, N-VA, CD&V and CDH. But it has only 69 seats out of 150 in the house. The support of at least one additional party is therefore necessary and the reformers have increased their contacts with the Liberals and environmental activists.

Bart De Wever has never made it a secret, he wants to do without the French-speaking liberals. “No one wants MRI anymore,” he said on July 31. But the liberal family with Open Vld has always been united.

On the side of the Flemish socialists at SP.A, it is also estimated on Thursday that the goal of MR is to continue the current government under the leadership of Sophie Wilmès.

Despite this joint statement, ecologists and liberals should be received on Friday by the reformers, we learned from a good source. Paul Magnette and Bart De Wever are expected at the castle on Monday for a new report to the king.

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