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Fast Forward Video Chronicle: Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order, the most ambitious game in the story?

Our Expectations

An Exciting Story

The scenario is still an important issue in a Star Wars game because it places the context in an already known universe. Here we already know that Jedi: The Fallen Order takes place after the film section 3: Revenge of Sith. Empire has disturbed the force and Jedi and Padawans are now chased and systematically murdered. The hero Cal Kestis is just a Padawan who must survive in this dark and chaotic framework where fear and violence reign while evil takes the teeth of the galaxy. Of course, we suspect that the atmosphere will not be very happy, which can be excellent for the story. We can imagine the beginning of a dictatorship where we will observe the beginning of the resistance that we can of course participate. The idea to see the start of the fight against the empire is inevitably the most exciting for the fans and we can expect ambush missions and whatnot.

Evolutionary gameplay

of games, learning lightsaber techniques will be an important element. And if we imagine a system of evolution both in terms of powers and combinations, the aspect of the game's script suggests that much of the new skills will unlock thanks to our progress in history. A true rise of the hero, who, if well staged, can make Jedi: Fallen Order a memorable game full of epic scenes. Since this is also an action game that will surely oppose several enemies at the same time, we can imagine a fight near the Free Flow Batman Arkham games. We were able to counter enemies while we attacked others, and this with the speed and forces of a very promising Padawan.

A system of nemesis

Because we are still struggling why not introduce a system close to what Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War offer with nemesis. Instead of Uruks, it would be Purge Troopers who were supposed to eliminate Jedi who could rise in rank and power according to their interactions with the hero Cal Kestis. Certainly they are just clones and they will probably not move the mountains, but see that some evolve as the adventure, which would give a real challenge to the players with a real impression of impact on experience. And if we want to develop on the subject, we may influence our interactions with the other sister, who is good on the way to continue the adventure! Maybe a development of these features and techniques according to the confrontation with the player? We Can Still Believe It

Our Dreams

Choices and Consequences

Let's take a look a little further with the action adventure game that seems to be Jedi: The Fallen Order. Since the title follows the consequences of Order 66, you can imagine that the player can have a real impact on the survival of other young Padawans with the extra mission of saving max. It can be traditionally scared, arms in hand, but also strategies to know where to hide them, be sure to train them so that they become real companions of the road. Or, why not, a different evolution of the story by the number of Padawans that one could draw from Empire links with a game that would become increasingly dark in the atmosphere if too many young disciples die. Wouldn't it be a good way to drive the player to invest in the max and feel the opposition of his actions and actions?


That's all for our vision of Jedi: Fallen Order. You are welcome to share your expectations in the comments and wait to learn more about the title Respawn Entertainment before it was released on November 1

5, 2019. Come on, we'll see you next month for a new episode of Fast Forward.

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