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Elon Musk arranges a competition in his tunnel

Elon Musk shared a video showing a contest between two Tesla in Los Angeles. The first one takes a classic roadway while the other is more than 200 km / h in the tunnel buried by The Boring Company. Who wins, in your opinion?

In 2016, while stuck in traffic jams in Los Angeles, Elon Musk shared Twitter his idea of ​​digging tunnels to circulate cars and thereby streamlining traffic. From there, The Boring Company who dug a 2.3 km test tunnel under SpaceX was headquartered in Hawthorne, California, and comes from a contract with the city Las Vegas for a Project of Tunnels Serving Las Vegas Convention Center Special Host ] Consumer Electronics Show .

And what better way to show the benefits of the concept than to perform a small demonstration in real conditions? That was what The Boring Company did by organizing a competition between two Tesla Model 3 one through the test tunnel, the other taking the path to get to a point

The management system finally abandoned?

The race begins with a chronometer after the two electric cars . The Tesla using the tunnel takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds to arrive at the destination during the journey over 200 km / h in the tunnel. At the same time, the second model 3 is still stationary at a red light. It takes nearly 4 minutes 50 seconds to reach the meeting point. CQFD

The video is an important clue because we see that Model 3 using the tunnel is not equipped with the control system presented in December last year. There were a couple of rollers that fell on each side of the front wheels. The idea was to be able to equip any car so that it could circulate in these very narrow tunnels.

It is not known if the thought was definitely abandoned, but in any case Elon Musk confirmed that the system had not been used for this demonstration. " No wheel steering / train platform? 204 km / h in a narrow tunnel just autopilot? " interviewed one of his subscribers on Twitter. " It's about it ," replied the person concerned

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