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Do you have a diabetic diagnostic eye?

A recent study on how to diagnose diabetic size is possible in a simple ocular analysis on the basis of a biomicroscope. Une method is invasive and rapid if it is otherwise reliable

Le diabète the type 2 est une affection pathologique in installing the pernicous dance notre organism. As such, the mode of vie en est the principal cause : alimentation de equilibrée, ultra-transforme, très grasse ou très sucre, sedentarité, exces en tout genre, stress etc. Nous savons they are diabetic and sometimes complicated by the complications of the problems of vision and alternatively microvessels. Do you identify with the diabetic or pre-diabetic reading of a simple scan ocular ?

A prenant to diabetic en charge rapidement, permits the augmenter les chances d'en gérir which is a positive and positive impact on the santé and a consistent element in the assurance santé. She is looking for a fair appeal to the comparators' assurance company " The comparator's insurance " to redirect the co-op de mutale santé.

Comment diagnostic-t-on the diabetic?

Actually, the method for poser for poser for the diagnosis of diabetic is the measurement of the glycemic in jeun et de l hemoglobin glycée. À including the ensemble of symptoms comme la fatigue chronique, urinary tract frequencies, as well as any exacerbée, etc. Le diabète, the price and charge at temps, à l ' It is the example of the example, the premise of cinema premieres and the malady, that is, inversely, in the mediation of the simple changes of fashion (diet and activity physical principalement). But there is a lack of security for the temps. Our new method is based on the analysis of the product of the degradation of glycation dance as well as for more utility. Plus the details of the diagnostic you have to retrieve from the information site Améli.fr .

A new method of innovative

Nous savons depuis quelques other maintenant que les products the glycation advanced (PGA) without corrections and parfois accountability of the metabolic disorders. C'est sur ce postulate which is the basis for a team of chercheurs for testing leur hypothesis. A l'aide d'un biomicroscope qui deploie une lumière fluorescente sur la lentille de l ' œil afin the fair device le taux de PGA, ils ont pu determines for 20 people the study and the diabetes or pre-diabetes present of the PGA bien plus importers for 20 subjects. Maintenant, the remainder of the study of supplementary avec de plus grandes cohortes for the purpose of diagnosing the method of diagnostic feasible. It also represents an outright diagnostic encore invasif plus rapid and plus economics in terms of the price of singing.

The only way to retire

  • The diabetic and the pathological impact of a patient's impact
  • To stabilize, to invert, to the diagnostic and to the advanced and to the mode of rapid acceleration.
  • An innovative method of analysis of the rate the products of glycation advanced dance l'œil pourrait s'avérer utile car moins invasive, plus rapid and plus economics in terms of the price of song.

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