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Cyril Hanouna is forced to apologize live … (video)

Of course, Cyril Hanouna was afraid of the consequences that could have a joke on Laurent Baffie. This Saturday, the host "La Grande Darka" presented the C8. On this show, he suggested a sequence called "Kituken": a small game that consisted of asking Valérie Benaim to choose between two people she would like to sleep with.

To begin with, he was offered the choice between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Michel Maire. If columnist "Don't Touch My Post" preferred Jean-Michel Mayor, Laurent Baffie, he couldn't help but send a little joke. "Emmanuel Macron, he's more used to kissing with girls who have their backs blocked," said the troublemaker, referring obviously to First Lady, Brigitte Macron.

A comment that made fun of the congregation but which also forced Cyril Hanouna to apologize immediately. "We apologize to the channel, the President (sic) who is well understood and all the French."

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