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Choice 2019: Vlaams Belang breakthrough, N-VA backs off

To north of the country, Vlaams Belang achieves a breakthrough that would place it for the time being, the other party in Flanders, behind an N-VA downstairs. More than 8 million Belgians were called this Sunday to vote for regional, federal and European elections. First result on account of 28% of offices.

Strong breakthrough of Vlaams Belang

The first results in Flanders ̵

1; which traditionally fall first – give N-VA down (to 27.6%, -4% in the regional election after having counted 32% of the votes), while Vlaams Belang wins more than 12 points, with 18% of the votes. The other Swedish parties – CD & V and Open Vld – also seem to lose, while a green wave is not coming at the moment (Groen turns 10%)

If it is confirmed the rise of Vlaams Belang "would show that Belgium does not saves the rise of extremist populists, as is the case in other European countries, "replied Sunday at RTBF, Foreign Minister Charles Michel

It should be noted that the breakthrough of the extreme right, if confirmed, is lower than the party's performance in 2004. time, the party received 24% of the votes.

Interviewed by RTL-TVI, Bart De Wever declared Sunday morning the target 30% of the vote in the north of the country to block a left government. "The Walloon government will be done quickly with PS, Ecolo and probably CDH. I imagine these three parties will also try to establish a federal law. If N-VA is over 30%, I think it will not be possible This is the question of choice.

Brussels shakes

The bill is progressing in the Brussels region, for the election of 89 members of the Brussels Parliament. At 19 hours, the results were known at 110 offices of 727 (15%).

According to these partial results, the French side, Ecolo leads by 22.3%, ahead of MR (20.7%) and challenge (16.9%).

However, these figures should be taken with large forceps, as they only reflect the (partial) results of three cantons. The PS bastions have not yet been removed.

PS in the head of the polls

Only … 1.7% of the polling stations were counted in the Walloon region. Insufficient to get an idea of ​​the trend. Possible results for French-speaking Belgians living abroad: Ecolo wins by 35.7% of the vote, against 30.3% for MR and only 15.5% for PS.

No question A thesis Cevipol, at the conclusion of the examinations, gave the PS winner on the French side with 27% federal, 27.2% in Wallonia and 19% in Brussels. Ecolo would only take third place behind MR.

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