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Children's cigarettes "Maya the Bee": Greenpeace spreads a shock campaign

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"Maya presents the only cigarette Mayan bee": Greenpeace launches a video Wednesday as part of its campaign, announced in early May, to remove the cold meats that include idols of children.

The video, depicting the promotion of Maya cigarettes bi, refers to studio 100 and poultry sausage with the adornment of the famous bee whose production company has the rights. "From now on, children can also enjoy a real cigarette! Practice, the mini-format package for small hands. With the best tobacco with a delicious and sweet taste of honey," we can hear in the video.

"No, of course, Maya does not market cigarettes," writes Greenpeace. "On the other hand, it encourages the consumption of sausage for children who are bad for health." These delicacies "increase the risk of diseases such as colorectal cancer, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes and the risk of death".

Therefore, Greenpeace Studio 1

00 wants to stop using the Mayan Beet to "promote dirt with children" by replacing them with "healthy alternatives based on herbal ingredients or meat from local and organic farming". A call is made to Internet users to sign a letter to Hans Bourlon, CEO of Studio 100.

As part of his campaign, Greenpeace, who fights for a lower consumption of meat, samson kinks, K3 chicken fillet, Mayan poultry sausage, Plop poultry sausage, Smurfer upper ham and Knack Smurfs sausage of an independent laboratory and then of two childhood diets. As a result, these products are as bad for health as other delicatessen.

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