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Read Apple Glass looks like the big Apple project

occ l'occasion d'un reunion secretary, Apple aurait indices for six employees with lunettes connected to the prochain grand project of the enterprise, the replacements of the iPhone. Pendant plus the 10 years, Apple and a huge number of six smartphones, as well as the cheval de bataille for the grand public, a showcase for six other products. Our temples are …

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🔥 The new Oneplus 7T Global Version smartphone with 8 GB + 256 GB for € 430 (reduced storage)

The new Oneplus 7T Global Version smartphone with 8 GB + 256 GB promotion for 430 € (stock reduced) Oneplus 7T smartphone Speed, quality and ergonomics are the most important elements of the OnePlus philosophy. With its maximum "Never Settle", the manufacturer has always delivered one of the best experiences on Android at an affordable price. The OnePlus 7T continues …

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Android: malware contaminates 49 apps from Play Store

Android is the target of a new malware. TrendMicro researchers have discovered malware in the code for 49 apps available in the Google Play Store. Not surprisingly, this virus will display intrusive ads on your smartphone screen. In a report released November 7, TrendMicro claims to have discovered 49 photo applications and malicious games in the Play Store ]. In …

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Antarctica: in the footsteps of Charcot

November 9, 2019 in the morning. Paradise Harbor. 65 degrees south latitude. Despite the engaging name it is suddenly much colder than yesterday, the sea more upset and dark gray, peaks hidden by the clouds. Only the glaciers show their turquoise-blue projections, between the flanks of neighborhoods that are sometimes reminiscent of ghost-like dogon villages or strange fortresses. "The glass …

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[TEST] The Outer Worlds, A Premier Myth Réussi Pour Obsidian

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Obsidian Entertainment adverté Les mondes extérieurs une RPG dance le monde ouvert in terms of avant tout la promesse d'un new license; the battle of mediatics and a present for the debut, in addition to the success of the band ads and the quality of the obsidian history. According to the studio, there is a professional attaché à la saga …

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Gearbest Single Day (11.11) Campaigns in Ne Pas Miss

Very practical in its development, online sales are popular among consumers. To meet these needs, online commerce sites are campaigning for customers to buy goods at incredible prices. Gearbest, one of the last emerging giants in the field, does not fear this rule. Today is Single Day and the Gearbest Shop offers some incredible promotions not to be missed. Check …

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Zoom In: Notable Places – HamBurst

A few days ago, we presented you with a new map of Fortnite Chapter 2 as well as the premises that make it up. In this article, we will be staying at remarkable places an important news during this new season, as their discovery can make you great. In search of the lost bridge As you know in this new …

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