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Apple rejects Spotify's 30% argument from the App Store

Apple has strongly questioned one of the financial arguments that Spotify used in the trial of it in Brussels in March in March . Spiegel and Music Business Worldwide were able to see one of these documents, and they published a passage about Spotify's reviews of Apple's 30% paid apps and subscriptions. Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, wrote about these …

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NASA again discovers methane on Mars, a sign of life on the planet? (Video)

The issue of methane fascinates space scientists because its presence may indicate a sign of life. in Nasa announced that its curiosity rover had again detected methane on Mars, a gas that can be emitted by microbes but also by interactions between rocks and water. The on-board mini-chemical laboratory Curiosity, dubbed SAM, found a methane concentration of 21 parts per …

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered va vous simplifier la vie

At the end of this remasters Final Fantasy VII and IX, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered aura luis aussi droit à des options de confort simplifiant la progression générale (a favorite le rythme de lententure) C'est au détour d'une interview dans Famitsu que le producteur Yoshinari Kitase a dévilé que Final Fantasy VIII Remastered embarquera des options permettant de The triple …

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More RAM for Raspberry Pi 4 – ICT actualité

A new model of the cheap Raspberry Pi mini computer is announced. It will be able to control two screens, integrate a powerful processor and can be equipped with any more RAM. The Raspberry Pi model B will be available immediately. The Raspberry Pi Foundation announces that the device will be produced at least until January 2026. The device is …

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Will we see flying taxis during the twilight in Paris in 2024?

A consortium bringing together Airbus, the ADP group, DGAC, but also the RATP and the Ile-de-France region, conducts a study the possibility of proposing at the beginning of the OG 2024 a commercial service for vertical launch and landing of aircraft. (ADAV). Spectators' spectators would be transported between the different places by airboat. >>> Uber and the École Polytechnique team …

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See the red: humanity comes closer to Mars

Mankind has always been fascinated by Mars and we are now approaching to place footprints on the surface of the red planet than we have ever been before. "Mars, in the mainstream, is very hot right now," said Adam Steltzner, chief engineer of NASA's new unmanned mission on Mars, christened in March 2020. Mars, the fourth planet in the sun, …

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