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Elizabeth II was able to depose the throne to Charles faster than expected

This is a question that many English people ask themselves: when will Elizabeth II retire? According to experts in the British royal family, this could happen sooner than expected. The coronavirus crisis has really changed the game. For safety, the 94-year-old queen restricts all her movements and has withdrawn to avoid the risk of contamination. Which suggests to experts that …

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“It was good to have the money, but I lost everything”!

Cine-TV Revue Cinema Published Thursday 13 August 2020, at 14:31 The actress would have developed an unfortunate addiction to fashion … Now she does yoga to “remain stable”. Ursula Corbero, who draws Tokyo in the hit Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”, made some unexpected revelations during an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Yo Dona” in 2017. It seems that …

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Tattoos are no longer hidden on RTL

Cine-TV Revue TV Published Thursday 13 August 2020, at 09:43. Past Michaël Hess Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue You noticed: recently, the beautiful Jill Vandermeulen appears naked arms and tattoos revealed during her speech. Exceptions due to the heat wave or relaxation of “rules” on the side of the private channel? Without banning its animators from getting tattoos, RTL TVI still preferred to …

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Silvio Berlusconi appears for the first time with his new partner Marta, 53 years younger than him! (Pictures)

Published on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 10:59. The former president of the Italian Council of Ministers appeared in public with his companion, who is 53 years younger than him. A first photo recently appeared in the Italian press and showed former Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi hand in hand with his new partner, Marta Fascina, 30. For several months, “Il …

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“Sometimes I just get lost”

People and royalty In a recent interview, the singer opened up about the psychological issues she faces. When she was only 19, Lady Gaga was raped. A traumatic event and which still retains consequences today. While invited by Apple Music Beats’ radio station, she explained how her daily life was still affected by this abuse. ” I developed PTSD syndrome …

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