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The Belgians have paid much more for their energy in 2018: how can you save on their behalf?

Published 8/11/2019 to 5:10 PM By Bernard Padoan Housing consumers received a 10% increase in electricity prices and 17% in gas prices last year. The number of supplier changes is growing. C each year, regulators in the energy market publish a joint report on the development of the sector. And not surprisingly, the Federal Constabulary (Creg) and its regional counterparts …

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The costs of the American trade war are unreasonable

Situation Isabelle Lemaire Subscribers Published Friday, November 8, 2019 at 4:27 pm – Updated Friday, November 8, 2019 at 5:14 pm Some American companies, consumers and farmers pay the high price for President Trump's trade war. A website created by farmers and farmers associations that campaigns for the removal of import surcharges stands for the bill that Americans pay. And …

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Activision wants to develop more mobile games based on its franchise companies – News

Following a satisfactory financial report, Activision, represented by the voice of Coddy Johnson, describes its plans for the future. The publisher currently has one priority: the development of mobile games. A project he wants to adapt to his biggest franchises. " One third of our business is already mobile, we have the largest presence of mobile games in the West, …

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Ikea hysteria: customers rush to a new collection, even if they end up on the ground (video)

Customers literally ripped off the products from the newly released Markerad collection. All items were sold on a fast memory. On Thursday, November 7, Ikea sold the much-awaited Selected Collection in its stores. All products were sold in a flash time, 15 minutes in some stores, about an hour in Zaventem. Security guards organized filter ponds at the entrance to …

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