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le Dourois Logan B., inculpé, and un lourd casier judiciare!

Published by Vendredi November 8, 2019 at 09h20 Ce jeudi, you are a homo de dour qui and etéé inculpé pour murtre. It accepts the favor of William Guichart and the mercredi soir, in the parking lot of Aldi à Tertre magazine. Logan B. is the one who connects the police and justice services. It is reprisal for incarceration of …

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Paul Magnette informant changes his method

Published 7/11/2019 to 6:51 PM By Bernard Demonty PS President Paul Magnette launched Thursday at 12.00 at a press point his fine information assignment. Objective: to form a federal government by exploring two major types of coalition A near the successive failures of its predecessors, all art for Paul Magnette is to start from a situation that did not concern …

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double murderer faces 72 years in prison

Published on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 2031 By Allison Mazzoccato On Wednesday, the Assize Court of Ankara, Turkey initiated the trial of Beytullah Altuner, a 30-year-old man accused of killing mother and daughter in March 2018 in Herstal. He faces 72 years in prison On March 23, 2018 in the evening, 33-year-old Emine Yagmur watches TV with Fatma, her …

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Large box for pigeons

Television The scams, it pays great for those who commit them but also for those who condemn them. The prize for We are not pigeons broadcast Wednesday night at the front made a big box. The show hosted by Benjamin Maréchal and his band has gathered no less than 437,454 viewers for 30.5% of the market share. It must be …

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