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disturbed traffic, traffic jams to the E42 switch

Published Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 4:05 pm By Writing (and MV) A violent frontal crash occurred this Saturday mid-afternoon on the R3, Heppignies in the direction of Châtelet. Unfortunately, not one of the people involved survived, despite the long intervention of the helpers. This Saturday, around 3:30 pm, two cars violently crashed on the R3 at Heppignies, shortly after …

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Verlaine: 10 people injured in an accident with a car and a van

Liege The accident occurred late in the morning. Bra-sur-Lienne medical helicopter was called for reinforcement. This morning about 11.00 a traffic accident occurred in Chapon-Seraing, on Verlaine municipal unit, with a car with one person and a van with nine people. Ten people were injured in the collision. The emergency services went there. Two victims were more seriously injured and …

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Geoffrey managed to disarm him

Published Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 0951 At NE A drama is likely narrowly avoided this Thursday night in the House of the People of Cuesmes. Mons police had to intervene in numbers on Thursday at the beginning of the evening at the House of the People of Cuesmes, located in the village square. Police arrested a man who had …

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Fathia, Brussels, breaks the silence: "I am 53 years old and my 27 year old son is fighting me"

Subscribers Gilbert Dupont Published Saturday 02 November 2019 at 07:00 – Updated Saturday 02 November 2019 at 07:00 Exclusive Various facts Fathia, Brussels who breaks the silence about the violence we are not talking about Fathia chose to explain everything. "It is my oldest, when he meets me, his brothers, terrified, will lock themselves in his room, and there I …

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Madison did not believe the job to cause such malformation: Son before a mother chose 18 years old

Madison is a youth of 20 years and present a malformation in the bouche. Pour elle, this difference in the advent of handicap handicap dance so research the stage. Selon Madison, is the only form of discrimination. Il y a 18 ans, now avions rencontré son frère, quesente la même malformation. Déjà à l'époque, the moment to sensitize the population. …

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one person seriously injured (Amay)

A person was seriously injured heymans A person was seriously injured in a traffic accident this Friday night in Ampsin (Amay). This Friday evening, shortly after 19h, a multi-vehicle collision occurred on the N617, at the intersection formed by Chaussée de Lège and Hippolyte Dumont Avenue, at Ampsin. A red light was lit according to one of the drivers The …

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