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Perquisitions in the Units of the Police Special Units!

Subscribers Nawal Bensalem Publié le                                   lundi 11 november 2019 at 16h36                                                                           – Don't miss it                                   lundi 11 november 2019 at 16h40               Exclusif Belgique                                           Dix personas sous mandate of arrest of the dossier of the criminal criminal organization of the federal prosecutor's body La ​​DH apprend to the police …

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Risks of the routes are glistening on the pays ave l'arrivée de la neige

Belgique                                           The Royal Institute of Meteorological Institute (IRM) and some of the above mentioned quantum risks of the routes on the routes of the pays to mardi matin mercredi après-midi. Explanation of the arrival of the neige sur les hauteurs durant les prochains jours. Avertissement Concern of the Provinces of Liège, Luxembourg and Namur. "This is the new …

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Be careful if you come across the road: slippery conditions in MRI

At night, the temperature drops rapidly and often becomes negative at ground level, says MRT. Ice sheets or frost may form in places. The entire Belgian territory is or will be subject to slippery conditions, according to the MRI which gives a warning. Therefore, caution is required for road users. Fog is also formed. Monday morning there is still a …

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Marchienne-au-Pont: a cyclist loses life in a collision

A traffic accident killed one in Marchienne-au-Pont in the middle of the afternoon. A motorcycle and a car collided around 3:30 pm, rue du port, for a reason that is still unknown. The site is considered to be accidental. The bike was cut in half and his driver died immediately. The road was closed to traffic. An expert from the …

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Deadly accident: a cyclist loses life in rue du port in Charleroi

Charleroi A motorcycle hit a car that had just lost control, unfortunately the cyclist died in shock. This Sunday, November 10, at approximately 3:30 pm, a fatal accident again occurred in rue du Port in Charleroi. This street is the most dangerous in the region with 97 injured in 5 years. The accident happened around 3:30 pm when a driver …

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She preferred to live on the street with her children rather than return with her violent husband in the Verviers region: he was arrested

Published Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 4:31 pm By Belga A young man of Serbian nationality was deprived of liberty, suspected of domestic violence, the Sunday Prosecutor's Office in Liège said. Twenty years old, the individual is currently processing his stay in Belgium. The document was brought to the investigation and a request for an arrest warrant was prepared. The …

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