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Brûler les étapes pour un module lunaire

Lunar Gateway is an effect, depicting a decade, part of the integration of plans to return to Lune. The premier missions of the present-day missions of the NASA's new mergers (see Space Launch System as well as planes and designs) are arranged aboard and orbital luncheon and assembly station with a mini-station qui, the marchepied service suite and the construction of permanent installations in La Lune.

Or, revelé le magazine en ligne Spaceflight dancing son of the victim not the date As of November 1st, NASA is requesting companies to submit their proposals for a module that pays just in time and in 2024, but abandons the exigency of the module, which will be reutilizable. In terms of clairs, it relies on quilts to the office plus the module that runs the very first and return to the Lunar Gateway station and to the solarium. NASA also risks retrofitting it to a module, if it is functional in 2024, to install a remotely located après, lorsque Lunar Gateway series complete. It is the premiere composers of the Lunar Gateway which is a theory tour on the horizon 2022-2023 as it is a project of lazy-meme abandonment, in fact reproducing in its long-term plans for habitats permanently sur la Lune.

Just in March, the NASA program predicts a premier astronaut sur la Lune in 2028. It is under pressure from the Maison-Blanche in order to conduct the direction of the agency of spatial america in changer radicalement son calendrier.

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