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Boris Johnson insists that Brexit will take place on October 31 despite request for deferral

The British Prime Minister was forced by his parliament to write three letters to the European Union requesting a postponement.

L Boris Johnson's government hammered on Sunday that Brexit would take place on October 31, although he was forced by his parliament to write in Brussels to request a postponement

► Brexit: the ratification process for the agreement will continue on the European side

Saturday, with a historic vote in the British Parliament on the new Brexit agreement announced two days earlier in Brussels, would finally get clarification more than three years after the 201

6 referendum.

Car: Deputies decided on to postpone his decision and the Europeans were on Sunday with three letters, of which the AFP provided a copy and said everything and the opposite. And less than two weeks to avoid an exit without agreements that cause sweat to the economic circles.

A postponement of three months

The first unsigned letter calls for a three-month postponement of Brexit. The other, signed by Boris Johnson, says he does not want this deadline. Third, the British Ambassador to the EU, Tim Barrow, says the postponement was requested only to comply with the law

Despite this request, "we are going out on October 31. We have the means and capacity to do so," said Michael Gove, the right man in Boris Johnson, in an interview with Sky News.

On the BBC, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is also considered "safe" and says that "there were many people in the EU who did not want to postpone."

"All options open"

In Brussels, European Council President Donald Tusk on Saturday night said "to start consulting EU leaders on how to react". According to a European source, the consultations could "take a few days."

On Sunday, during a brief meeting in Brussels with the ambassadors of the 27, around the European negotiator Brexit Michel Barnier, the request was raised but not

"The European Union keeps all options open", a named European diplomat told AFP, which indicated that the process of ratifying the agreement was ongoing.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor opposition, is already crying out victory: for him, "the malicious agreement (by Boris Johnson) was defeated" and "despite his annoying and bulky attitude", he had to "obey the law," he said on Twitter .

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