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Be careful if you come across the road: slippery conditions in MRI

At night, the temperature drops rapidly and often becomes negative at ground level, says MRT. Ice sheets or frost may form in places. The entire Belgian territory is or will be subject to slippery conditions, according to the MRI which gives a warning. Therefore, caution is required for road users. Fog is also formed.

Monday morning there is still a risk of fog (frost) in the Ardennes. It usually dries at first, but already cloudy. However, the rain will return from the coast. This rainfall reaches east during the afternoon. At the end of the afternoon, at the back of the rain zone, the weather will be very variable with rain in the west. Peaks are between 3 or 4 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and 7 or 8 degrees in Flanders.

Tuesday the weather will be partly cloudy with showers, which can be accompanied locally by a kind of thunderstorm. In Haute-Belgique, the rainfall will sometimes have a winter character. Maxima will go from 2 degrees in High Fens to 8 degrees in the west.

Wednesday the weather will remain variable with some showers. In the Ardennes, sometimes snow will still melt. The maxima will swing between 2 and 9 degrees.

On Thursday a rainfall zone could affect the country, probably in the western part, but this remains to be confirmed. Peaks are between 3 and 8 degrees.

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