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Audi Q3, BMW X1, MINI Countryman or Subaru Crosstrek?

For rent, I hesitate among Audi Q3, Mini Cooper Countryman, BMW X1 and Subaru Crosstrek. I am looking for good sound insulation and safety.

– Jocelyn

Hello. Given the many choices in your list, I must rule out a few knowing that they do not meet your criteria. First, although the Subaru Crosstrek is a good product, it does not offer the same sound quality as the other three vehicles. I exclude him, but he is still very competent and above all offers one of the best help and driving assistance systems with the EyeSight program. Moreover, from a general brand, it does not offer you the same level of luxury and comfort as the other three.

MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 JCW 2019

I & # 39; then excluded the MINI Countryman. Although it shares many components with the BMW X1, it does not offer the same level of reliability at all. The overall quality of the brand grows but remains below average. It doesn't inspire me confidence, not even for a rental. There are too many horror stories with too many of its components for me to recommend.

Finally we might get it, RS Q3

Next is the Audi Q3. The manufacturer seems to be hitting hard with the new and second generation Q3. It has honestly everything to seduce consumers. On the other hand, although we know almost all of its components, the fact remains that it is in its first year of production in this form. Given that Audi is also not an example of reliability, especially during a first model year, I also have to exclude it from the list.

Test of BMW X1 xDrive28i 2018 [19659012] This leaves us with one last option: BMW X1. Since its launch in this form in 2016, it has shown very good mechanical and technical reliability. Although he is getting a little older, he remains the reference vehicle in the segment. For 2020, the manufacturer offers some aesthetic retouching to keep it updated. However, you should be aware that alternatives at BMW can be expensive, including those that include safety support and assistance systems. It is still the safest value on your list. Anyone likely to cause the least inconvenience during the rental period.

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