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Belgium vs England 2018 World Cup live updates

Belgium vs England

Third place playoff, St. Petersburg stadium, St. Petersburg

Golden Boot race is over

Romelu Lukaku only submerged in the 60th minute. Dries Mertens subbed. With Lukaku out, Harry Kane of England will almost certainly be the Golden Boot winner with six goals.

A narrow miss

Romelu Lukaku almost set Belgium up two goals in the 56th minute after Kevin De Bruyne threw the ball through the smallest holes to the foot of Lukaku. Lukaku could not corral, and England's Jordan Pickford safely bought the ball with a dive slide.

Opportunities for England, a caution warned

England some changes to drive the bite before 10 minutes had passed in the second half, including a corner, but Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was in position every time. Just after the corner, John Stones took up the first yellow card on the day for England.

Half-time update: Belgium 1, England 0

Thomas Meunier's goal 3 minutes 37 seconds into the game is still the only point of the day. It was the fastest ever goal that a Belgian player did at a World Cup.

It has not been a good start for England. It has dominated possession time, holds the ball 56 percent of the time and has more shots on goal (3-2), but the three lions are still running – and did not look like they dominated anything. [19659013] As regards the game within the game, Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane continue both points to hold the Golden Boot race in four goals to six respectively. Lukaku has got the ball often in the attacking half and has entered the 18-yard box several times. He got the ball one-to-one late in the first half term, but could not stand out for a scoring chance.


Belgium's Nacer Chadli left the field after 37 minutes with a nasty blow. The Red Devils played with 10 men in a few minutes before Thomas Vermaelen came on the 39th. Chadli gave the cross on Belgium's opening goal.

England's defense shaky to start

Belgium still has two shots on goal, but the red devils create chances and it feels like Belgium has gone almost every trip down the plan. With the opening 30 minutes after them, the three lions should be lucky they are still just down.

Early Chances

Both sides have had opportunities in front of the networks. The lock game reads two shots on the finish line, but the net memories must be active during the first 18 minutes, often to challenge balls, as the attacking players have penetrated the 18-yard box.


It did not take long. Belgium's Thomas Meunier got a cross from Nacer Chadli and buried it to give the red devils a 1-0 lead in the fourth minute.

Meunier was suspended against France due to yellow card suspension. Belgium lost the game 1-0. Hmm …

Famous opponents

England and Belgium are very familiar with each other. They have played 23 times over almost a century of competition. England leads the series with 15 wins against five moves and three losses. But Belgium won the group game match earlier in the World Cup and defeated the three lions, 1-0, to claim the top seed in the group. The two sides have met three times before Saturday in the World Cup, which ended in the race (1954), England wins (1990) and this year's Belgian victory.

Changes in lineups, but Kane and Lukaku begin

At least to start, England's Harry Kane and Belgium's Romelu Lukaku will be in for their sides today. Kane is primarily for the Golden Boot in Saturday's match with six goals. Lukaku is tracking four. Their attacking counterparts, respectively, Raheem Sterling and Eden Hazard will also begin.

The three lions threw their remaining lineup a bit and made five changes from the side that lost Croatia in extras. Belgium made two shifts, in particular, to insert Thomas Meunier, who returns from the suspension.

Kane, Lukaku driva Golden Boot

"The last players want to do when the dust settles on their semifinal outlets sees a meaningless match to compete for a virtually meaningless price." – Louis van Gaal, who succeeded the Netherlands to his third place in 2014.

It's a game that does not ask the question of "who?" or "when" than the question of the match "why?"

Playing for third.

Belgium and England, fresh historically disappointing losses, must play again for Bronze honor in the 2018 World Cup. The match is about much less bragging rights and, for FIFA, additional port revenue at the expense of teams just want to go home.

But the truth is that people are watching it. Television scores are usually strong – World Cup abusers may start to refuse their optional drugs with just a few games to play – and usually well-contested.

After playing the first time in the 1934 tournament, matched the match has been used to set world rankings, giving young players their first taste of the World Cup and deciding the sought after goalkeeper crown known as Golden Boot.

It happened just the second time the game was played. In 1938, Brazil had to meet Sweden and the canine host Leonidas scored two points to secure the score.

Twenty years later, France's Just Fontaine used the match to extend its goal. He made four in the match against West Germany, finished the tournament by 13, a record that has only been halfway challenged once (by Gerd Mueller, who needed a hat trick in the third game in the third game to tie Fontaine in 1970 but was locked out for the first time in the tournament .)

This year, the tournament's two scoring leaders – England's Harry Kane and Belgium's Romelu Lukaku – can be included.

Will they? Managers often use the third place game to give players who do not yet see the field an opportunity to experience the World Cup.

The second part of this game is that it often has many goals, the result

The poem is about whether the third game has a healthy "recovery on the horse" effect for desperate teams.

West Germany won the third place in 1970 and continued winning it all four years later. But the Dutch did not get the same lift in 2014.

"This game should never be played," said Dutch boss Louis van Gaal. "I've said that in the last 10 years."

It was played, and his team beat the Brazilians, who still counted from the 7-1 semi-finals to Germany, with a score of 3-0. [19659045] The Netherlands failed to qualify for this World Cup. Brazil?

When: Saturday 10:00 East.

How to watch tv: Fox.

How to Stream Online: Fox Sports, Fox Soccer Match Pass Apps, and FoxSportsGo.com.

How to watch Spanish: Telemundo.

Viewing Canada: Bell Media TSN and CTV Network, TSN GO App and TSN.ca/live.[19659051]Team Profiles


  • Previous Result: In Group Games, defeated Panama, 3-0; defeated Tunisia, 5-2; defeated England, 1-0. Defeating Japan, 3-2, in the 16th round, defeated Brazil, 2-1, in the quarterfinals. Lost to France, 1-0, in the semifinal.
  • Best World Cup Final: Fourth Place, 1986.
  • Noteable: Belgium is still the world's best scoring team, with 14 goals in its six games.
  • FIFA World Ranking: 3. ELO World Ranking: 3.


  • Previous Results: In Group Games, Tunisia defeated 2-1; defeated Panama 6-1; lost to Belgium 1-0. Defeated Colombia in round 16 on penalty kick after a 1-1 draw. Defeated Sweden, 2-0, in the quarterfinals. Lost to Croatia, 2-1, in semi-finals.
  • Best World Cup Final: Champion, 1966.
  • Noteable: England had the second youngest squad at the World Cup.
  • FIFA World Ranking: 12. ELO World Ranking: 7.

Players Watching

The starting line is likely to change – maybe significantly – from each side's semi-final match. This makes some forecast a cloudy. But if they play, all eyes will be on England's Harry Kane and Belgium Romelu Lukaku possibly the best reasons to watch this console. Kane heads the Golden Boot position with six goals, while Lukaku has four. Lukaku has shot everything from open play. But he failed to score after the tournament's second match, a cold streak that contributed to Belgium's semi-final shutout against the French. Half of Kane's goals have come from the penalty spot. His last goal came in the 16th match against Colombia – from the penalty spot.

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