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Badger Sportswear: American clothing company releases China supplier over Xinjiang labor camp fear

This week, Badger Sportswear, a North American based dealer, said that it would no longer be any product from Xinjiang-based supplier Hetian Taida. While Badger said Hetian Taida's current business was "in line with our global purchasing policy", it added that historical documentation was insufficient and so the relationship discontinued due to an "abundance of caution".

In addition, the US company said it would no longer produce products from "this region of China".

Reacting to the news Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang would not comment on the specific case, but said that "if this company … interrupted its trade relations with China based on incorrect information, then I think it is such a shame for this "1

9659004]" China has abolished the re-education through the work system, "added Lu. "Xinjiang's skill and education is quite different from" forced labor "alleged by some parties."

Labor Camp

Badger launched a survey on its supply management after Hetian Taida was presented in reports of Chinese state television on Xinjiang camp. A CCTV report on the camps showed that Uyghurs lines worked with sewing machines and in what seemed to be a warehouse.

The interviews spoke with gratitude for the opportunities offered by the camp, saying that they would have gone to "extremism", if not for government intervention.

However, former prisoners can speak more freely complaining of being separated from their families, held indefinitely and forced to endure intense "brainwashing" sessions, including a close study of the Communist Party's propaganda.

Reports of the camp were originally denied by Beijing, but the government has since turned to a steady defense of the policies needed for national security and ethnic harmony.

"Today's Xinjiang is not only beautiful but also safe and stable. No matter where they are or at what time of day, people are no longer afraid to go out, shop, eat and travel," Shohrat Zakir told a senior ranked Xinjiang Heads of State, Xinhua State News Agency in October.

There is still a long way to go to southern Xinjiang to eradicate the environment and the earth for terrorism and religious extremism. "

Judicial groups have warned of policies applied to Uyghurs that extend to other Muslim groops in China, concerns raised by a meeting in Beijing this month by Chinese Islamic organizations, where they were urged" to uphold the sinists' cynicization by improving This week, the Associated Press reported that more than 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs living in Xinjiang may abandon their Chinese citizenship and leave the country, bearing in mind a statement by Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the AP leaving China could apply for citizenship or permanent residence in the neighboring country.

Representatives of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry did not respond to several CNN applications for comment.

International Criticism

Increasing pressure on Muslims in China has led to a growing recovery from the Islamic Way world, including in countries that traditionally have strong ties with Beijing.

In December, hundreds of people protested outside the Chinese Embassy in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Protests have also been held in India, Bangladesh and Turkey, which have a large Uyghur population.

Even last month, the Islamic Cooperation Organization, a group of Muslim states, organized the situation in Xinjiang evidence of "rising discrimination on the basis of … religion".

OIC "expressed concern about these disturbing reports on the treatment of Uyghur Mulsims and expressed hope that China, which has excellent bilateral relations with most OICs and OICs, would address the legitimate concerns of Muslims around the world , " said it in a statement .

CNN's Steven Jiang contributed reporting from Beijing.

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