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Baby Dies of meningitis likely to be contracted from unvaccinated person

A Virginia couple is grieving over her 4 month old son who died on June 30, just one day after the child began to show her first symptoms of meningitis, according to reports.

Killy Schultz had rash and fever when he came home from day care center one day in June, told his mother, Alex Dempsey, WTVR. Dempsey gave the child Tylenol, and when it did not help, she rushed the little boy to St Mary's Hospital in Richmond, where doctors decided that Schultz had probably contraindicated meningitis from a person who had not been vaccinated.

Shortly after, Schultz's heart rate fell suddenly and the boy died, according to WTVR.

"This is a nightmare, no parent, no family, would ever have to experience," relatives wrote on the GoFundMe page to cover the boy's funeral costs. "His loss leaves a deep hole in the heart of all who knew him."

Meningit is an inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although people of any age can develop the disease, the children have an increased risk of meningitis compared with other age groups.

Meningitis, including headache, fever and stiff neck, may be difficult to notice in infants, CDC reports, and notes that symptoms may develop in as little as three days. Parents who believe their children can get the disease should see a doctor immediately. About one in 1

5 children receiving meningitis from the infection, according to CDC.

Schultz diagnosed as a shock to his parents. But Dempsey, from Chesterfield, told the station that she knew there was little hope for the child to recover from the serious illness.

"When they said that meningitis knew there was a real strong possibility that we would lose him," she told WTVR. "They told us to turn on the window if he would do it or not, but he was only four months old, he did not have an immune system to help us with that."

She told stations that officials thought the boy was likely to suffer the disease from an unvaccinated person.

"If something comes out of this, we want people to be aware that vaccinations can prevent things like this," she said. "He was just a baby, so he really did not have much chance."

Death just came a few days after Schultz received his vaccinations.

Facebook pictures show the smiling boy who has a sweet smile in pics with relatives. In a Thursday Facebook post, Dempsey wrote that she and her fiancé Gabriel Schultz "need time" to "calm down".

"Your words, your support, your kindness … they have all been invaluable to us. But for now we need time," she wrote. "For those who do not see me for a while, I'm okay. I have wonderful people who protect me and care about me."

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