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Author Nicholas Sparks accused of banning a LGBT club at Christian School was founded

Romance novelist Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") has come under fire to found a Christian school that promotes biblical views on sexual morality.

According to The Daily Beast, 2006, Sparks helped find a prep school in New Bern, North Carolina, called the Epiphany School of Global Studies, which sought to become a "faith-based academy focusing on world-wide emphasis on language learning, regular visits. to other nations and a common understanding that "learning about the world" was an integral part of 21st century life. " With a student body of just 500, the school also sought to promote Judo-Christian values.

However, since 201

4, legal documents show that Sparks and the school's board have been struggling with Epiphany's former principal and chief executive officer, Saul Benjamin, who claims that the school participates in various forms of bigotry.

"Sparks and board members unpopularly marginalized, bullied and harassed school community members", Benjamin's lawyers argued in the complaint "whose religious views and / or identities did not match their religiously-driven, delayed predictions."

Although Benjamin claims that Sparks engages in forms of racial discrimination against black students who attend school, he gives no evidence and only claims that the author attributed the black students' lack of school to cultural and economic differences. Without evidence, Benjamin also claims that one of the school's board members told him that she specifically avoided a Wal-Mart staffed by black people and that he was subjected to "unwelcome comments and increased scrutiny" when hiring the first full-time faculty.

None of what suggests Benjamin's allegations of racial discrimination is wrong, but it is strange that The Daily Beast article lives very little on that part of his complaint – the most serious complaint against school. In fact, the only evidence that Sparks presented directly addresses the school's diversity problems is an email telling Benjamin about his current plans to create a diversity scholarship program.

"If you want to talk to someone about diversity, talk to Jenna (who designs the diversity program) or I (who will be responsible for making money to fund the scholarship program when Jenna has designed it)," the email state. 19659003] Instead, The Daily Beast devotes a majority of the article to Benjamin's claims of Epiphany's Christian Conservative Beliefs on LGBT issues, according to Benjamin, LGBT students at the school began meeting privately, forming a club of various kinds, resulting in bullying when words are spreading From the report:

The event excited the tension among the student union and the staff, rumor spread that Benjamin had formed what Sparks called a "gay club," and the board suggested that the club be banned. Two bisexual teachers contacted administrators about the group and were allegedly threatened with dismissal if they continued to discuss the issue, according to Benjamin's complaint. October 30, 2013, a board member claimed that Benjamin was "promoting a homosexual culture and agenda". Sparks probably warned Benjamin against driving the subject and suggests that it would "waste time on a side issue," according to the complaint.

In November, it was high angry. That month, Benjamin says in his complaint that two LGBT students approached Benjamin and informed him of his plan to bring a protest under the chapel. They planned to remove their clothes and announce their orientation in body color. Benjamin says he asked the girls not to protest and claims it was "a time of healing, not heroes". Instead, on Friday morning Benjamin spoke to Chapel Talk, a weekly tradition at school, about bullying and the school's commitment to "love their neighbors."

In an email, Sparks expressed anger and frustration with Benjamin, whom he said had earned a reputation among the faculty for to be elitist and rejection of Christian faith. "I told you this would happen … if you didn't follow our advice, which was simply" don't rock the boat on this issue, "Sparks says in the email before later advising him to make sure that" All Christian traditions especially know Christian, especially when we move into Christmas. "

In another email, Sparks noted that the school allowed LGBT students to participate, but simply didn't want them to form a club that would violate school conviction. Eventually, the tensions led to Benjamin being fired from his position as headmaster and CEO In October 2014, Nicholas Sparks filed an indictment on discrimination, breach of contract, emotional distress and slander, which will be settled in August

Nicholas Sparks denied in any declaration any allegations raised against the school and claimed that Benjamin lost his job as principal of the Christian school to be "secluded, even rude, elitist and dismissal of his beliefs or backgrounds." He also claims that Benjamin carefully tried to start a LGBT club on campus in violation of school policy.

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