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Xiaomi smartphones: stronger marketing in Germany

Xiaomi gradually reaches out to all lucrative markets. Smart phones are sought after here by many users, but they have a good price ratio from time to time. And that doesn't mean you import via any third party channels at your Chinese store.

Even large dealers in Germany have long been involved in the sale of Xiaomi smartphones. I've talked about Conrad, Notebooks and Amazon here before, as well as the brand new offer from Media Markt and Saturn. Of course, some readers hoped that Xiaomi would officially start in Germany.

But it's not that easy, you need local partners, distributors and service. I have once done some research and apparently slightly larger of Xiaomi in Germany is approaching us, at least in the trade – no own stores or anything.

Media Markt and Saturn were purchased through Techdata, an international company specializing in the distribution of all types of IT stories. But it is not this distributor that will provide Xiaomi smartphones on a large scale in Germany.

It's Shamrock Mobile. Their website is behind this address, but it's not really a betrayal – just that something gigantic is coming. If you look at the source code on the page you will already find "Shamrock Mobile powered by Xiaomi". If you are looking further up, you will find employees who work at the company founded on 10.10.2018 called "Xiaomi by Shamrock Mobile GmbH" (from the trade register: Subject: Trade in and distribution of electrical appliances of all kinds, especially Smartphones, TVs, etc.).

Shamrock has been licensed by Xiaomi to distribute the brand in Germany and the Netherlands for the B2C & B2 business. You will find paintings "Xiaomi by Shamrock" in cities like Hanover, so it may be possible to talk about a longer partnership.

Employees of this company were already working for Samsung, TCL or Wiko. Expert Bening, for example, recently worked with Shamrock Mobile powered by Xiaomi to equip 27 markets with smartphones and related space – at LikendIn you will find relevant activities publicly.

Shamrock Mobile powered by Xiaomi does not work alone but KOMSA AG has joined the boat as a partner in the market as a specialist in the core areas of distribution, business processes, service, repair services and support.

You will soon see more of Xiaomi in Germany soon.

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