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Wrestling star "Lionheart" Adrian McCallum is dead

British wrestler Adrian McCallum is dead. The athlete, known by his fight name "Lionheart", died at the age of only 36, shortly after losing an affirmative tweet. as the "The Sun" reports. Wrestling star and ICW World Heavyweight Champion were only 36 years old, in short Before he died, he posted a Twitter post online: "One day you get your last meal, smell your last flower and hug your friend last time."

Download Tweet is a quote from a Netflix series [19659006] McCallum's message is a quote from Ricky Gervais Netflix comedy series After Life. The wrestler also wrote the rest of the words: "You may not know that it is the last time, so you have to do everything you love with passion."

In television production, Gervais main character says Tony Johnson sets. He mourns the series for his wife's death and tries to treat the event tragically comically.

Wrestling Association confirms boring news via Twitter

The Insane Championship Wrestling Association (ICW) tonight confirmed Twitter the sudden and premature death of his reigning champion. "It breaks our hearts to hear from the tragic death of ICW World Heavyweight Champion Adrian" Lionheart "McCallum", the tweet reads.

"Adrian was an important pillar of ICW and British professional wrestling" on. "Above all, he was our friend, his death leaving a big hole in the lives of those who knew him."
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