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Will Smith insults 50 cents

Private chat between 50 cents and Will Smith escalated

Actually, 50 cents only had one question …

Will Smith and 50 Cent should no longer exchange kind words so quickly. Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith (48) had spoken publicly on the Red Table Talk Facebook show that she had begun a relationship with musician August Alsina during a difficult period in their marriage. August was quoted in the American media as quoting that Will Smith even gave Jada “his blessing”

; for adultery. Jada did not want to leave it like that. It was important for her to make it clear that she did not need to get her husband’s “permission”, but rather, as a self-determined woman, she could decide who she would get involved with. The rapper called it 50 Cent on the pitch, who wrote to Will Smith privately.

50 Cent first asked “Are you okay?”, To which he replied with a confident “Yes, all cool, thanks for your concern, brother”. The rapper apparently wanted to know the details and made no secret of her surprise to Smith: “Why did she tell all this on a show so everyone could hear it?” Smith also had a diplomatic response ready for this: “We were separated, she did her thing and I did mine.” 50 cents continued: “Then she said that only YOU can decide who worries her.” At that moment, Will Smith apparently broke the thread of patience, his answer “F ** k dich, 50”. He pressed another “Wait, what did I do?” afterwards, but the conversation seemed over.

In the video: So it was with Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina

“50 is the king of disrespect”

The majority of the comments during the post are against the 50 cent procedure. “50 is the king of disrespect”, “Why do you have to interfere in your private life?” or “After all, the hunt that hunts, you have 20 million followers like Will. This shit does not help you” you can read there. “Clout chasing” is a slang term that applies to people who want to become better known in light of the popularity of others.

And will Smith? Meanwhile, a quarantine playlist posted on YouTube: “I thought you could all use more beats for quarantine.” In any case, he was initially not involved in the 50-cent publicized stress.

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