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Will Facebook soon start his own language assistant?

Facebook's portal could soon be controlled by its own language assistant. (Picture: Facebook)

09Apples Siri, Amazonas Alexa and Google Assistant could soon face competition: According to a US media report, Facebook is working with its own language assistant.

Since early 201

8, Facebook is working on a language assistant, CNBC reports, and quoting the company's insiders. By the way, there were also reports that the social media group would develop a smarthome device with video chat functionality called Portal. The portal actually hit the market in two variants during the autumn of last year.

Facebook voice assistant was able to check the portal

The device would be like the Oculus VR glasses or potential new hardware suitable for navigating with the upcoming voice assistant. The nameless language assistant is developed by the department of Augmented and Virtual Reality, which works with hardware such as the Oculus devices, which CNBC puts it. The information on the language assistant program is expected to come from two previous Facebook employees.

The Facebook-led development group with Ira Snyder is said to have already contacted smart speaker manufacturers. Perhaps Facebook is offering hardware assistance for its assistant. However, the information is not confirmed.

Facebook's Smartspeaker: Portal and Portal Plus in pictures

So far, corresponding efforts with regard to AI-controlled assistants on Facebook have not been crowned with success. In 2015, the social network launched an AI guide called M for its Messenger app. M should help users with smart referrals. However, the assistant was heavily dependent on human support and could not really prevail. The end of the project came in early 2018.

It will not be easy to get Facebook on the market for voice assistants or appropriately controlled smart speakers. This market is dominated by Amazon with its eco units and Google with its home devices. In Germany, one in eight citizens aged 18 and older uses an intelligent speaker with a digital assistant, which a study by Bitkom revealed in the autumn of 2018. Most recently, Amazon's Alexa was criticized for possible user interception.

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