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Wiener Börse (Mittag) – ATX weiten Verluste im Mittagshandel aus

Vienna (APA) – The Wiener Stock Exchange has today, Wednesday, presented Mittag with moderate volume with a weaker tendency. The ATX is accessed at 12.00 o'clock with 3.047.31 points, which is a minus of 30.07 points or so. 0.98%. Zum Vergleich: DAX / Frankfurt -1.21%, FTSE-100 / London -0.14% and CAC-40 / Paris -0.16%

Prepared in the Spring for the Fed sentence separation one impulse-poorer trade left behind. The over-the-top carriers were unclear, and the hope of a fast-paced commercial conflict solution between the USA and China has become so steep. [1965900] Course-moving businessmen remained in obscurity. There is a positive signal for the home-grown economy. This is how many years ago work in Austria left behind. In the year 2018, average 220,100 people were unemployed, which statistics Austria reported on Wednesday. During the year, there were still 247,900 people in the company.

Business salaries were replaced by the public on Monday. Then the Impostoff company Valneva and the insurance company Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) were lowered for the year 2018. The Valneva Stämme notes down to Mittag's progressively unchanged at 3.47 euros. For the VIG exchange rate, 2.58% was raised at 21.92 Euro. The papers of the insurers are still traveling to the last place in ATX. Neither does Zumtobel's title, which increased by 3.07% to 6.15 Euro, still tend to tend.

On Friday, the rubber and gum processor Semperit will also be presented at Jahresergebnis 2018. The Semperit price rose by 0.63% to EUR 12.70. Daily festivals are aimed at the Anteilsscheine of airport Vienna. The paperwork of the airport murderers could outnumber their winnings by 1.46% on the 38.15 Euro. Entering the week hats by the Verwaltungsgerichtshof (VwGH), the trainers' train from the train station in the airport in Schwechat has arrived. It leaves for the departure of the airport.

The top-of-the-range roof seams the ATX curve to the start at 3.078.84 points, the roof pitch was 10.30 hrs at 3.045.73 units. The ATX Prime noted the observer named 0.86% at 1.539.53 points. The prime market aims at 13 titles with higher courses, 20 with subtitles and turns unchanged. A single action is much more likely to be created in less than one course.

To date, im prime market has become 1,123,794 (advanced: 1,021,264). Euro (Doppelzählung). Umsatzstärkstes Papier is the most recent Erste Group with 162,277 traded shares, some of which was around 5.27 million. Euro matching

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