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Why Ibiza hardly harms FPÖ

If Norbert Hofer today, Saturday, Graz is formally elected head of the Freedom Party, the Ibiza-related change in party leadership is also formally completed.

A few good weeks before the Nationalrat election, FPÖ is far better than one might suspect shortly after the surprise of Heinz-Christian Strache in May.

FPÖ is currently at about 20 percent. That would be a minus of six percentage points compared to the election results in 201

7. But no mention of a dramatic crash like 2002, when the first black-blue government crashed in Knittelfeld and FPÖ fell from 26.9 to 10 percent. Why is everything different this time? Why does the deal harm the freedom-loving little, if not at all? The courier found some reasons:

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