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Why do they spread their powder just before the keynote? The amazing reason

Hardware updates apart from a special event are initially not uncommon for Apple, but quite normal and common. But on three consecutive days, just a week before the next Apple keynote on March 25, 2019? In addition, is humorous tweets garnished by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is now also suitable for memes? Already very unusual, even with regard to new hardware for the keynote, but not so much left.

Apple Event: "Only" TV streaming and subscription material, what is it for use?

After all, it is just a TV streaming service and even a new subscription solution for magazines on Monday to admire. No one cares, especially so much of it is limited to the US. Are they crazy at Apple? On the contrary, Apple is also very smart. I'll explain to you the amazing reason, in my humble opinion …

Maybe there will be more hardware on Monday? Chances:

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Apple event March 25: New iPhone, iPod touch … what can we expect?

The word "just" is completely inappropriate in connection with the Russian new service offerings. Of course, those who write here and you, the readers of GIGA, see themselves as hardware tape players – nerds and nerds who are also interested in the smallest update for our toys. For Apple, but this only falls under product maintenance. iPads in familiar cases with new innards, just under the hood updated iMacs, and improved AirPods are practical, but are all products from the present.

My thoughts this weekend: The column wants to give food to thoughts, discuss and reflect the week's "news bubble" towards the end. A small selection of earlier articles in the column:

Bet on the future needs space and framework

Much more exciting for Apple is the affair with the future . In the future, the hardware for Apple is namely only the conditionally larger growth rate. It is important to do business with the already installed base and to control its expenses. That's what the new TV streaming service and the new magazine and newspaper subscription system are all about – a potential new Cash Cow that corresponds to the iTunes music store from earlier and today's App Store.

Of course, being in the future will still provide new hardware – perhaps even a folding iPad:

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There is not at all: The foldable iPad from Apple.

Can you buy: The new iPads on Amazon

Apple simply wants to change the way and shape how we consume content at the end. It is important to focus on this and to give this request the necessary framework. Smaller hardware updates at the Apple event are perceived as disturbing fires. An amazing reason for Apple's latest performance tactics, right? And by the way, a perfect way to stretch the media coverage over several days. Okay smart, the boys and the girls in Cupertino.

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