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What “GTA 5” has to offer on PlayStation 5 – Games

Rockstar Games has announced a new “GTA”. New for at least the gene consoles. For, in fact, it has been around for several years.

Previously several titles of the “GTA series for a single generation of consoles appeared, today we play a role, namely” GTA 5 “, for three generations. The game was originally shown together with PC for Xbox 360 and PS3, followed by implementations for Xbox One and PS4 – and will also be available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 during the second half of 2021.

The title was revealed at Sony’s digital PlayStation 5 event. Michael, Franklin and Trevor̵

7;s adventures should be equipped with technical improvements, revised graphics and increased performance. The developers promise to make the game “even more beautiful and fluid” than ever before.

Great online plans

But online mode has long been the part of the game that keeps it alive. For the multiplayer community “GTA Online”, the new generation continues with further new updates. There should also be content that is exclusively displayed on the new consoles and computer.

A new standalone version of “GTA Online” will also be released in the second half of 2021 and will be available to PlayStation 5 players for free for the first three months.

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