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Werder Bremen is working on the new contract for Milot Rashica

Zell – Frank Baumann always does. Sometimes faster, sometimes not so fast. But if Werder Bremen a player in his development makes a big step forward, the sports manager is basically a friend with early contract renewal, including a salary adjustment and of course one or the other clause that Werder would guarantee on sale a large transfer fee. 19659002] And now it is supposed to run at Milot Rashica . Since the attacker in the second half of Werder Bremen has gone through the roof, Frank Baumann thinks early on a new contract for the 23-year-olds. Compared to DeichStube the Werder manager confirms: "Milot has recently had an extremely good development with us, the last six months was outstanding by him. We have now talked about how we can adapt his contract." One, two "loose rounds" would already have been given Rashica consultant Altin Lala .

Clear case: Werder Bremen wants to bind Rashica even closer. Totally "without time pressure", but as emphasized by Frank Baumann. Because current contract runs until 2022 . However, this still applies to the basic salary, which had been negotiated at the change from Vitesse Arnhem to Werder in January 201

8. Of course, this is not a Werder top salary. But Rashica now gives excellence. And if it does, the people of Bremen are safe. Baumann: "Milot has not come to the end of his development. I am not worried that he could not confirm the result of the second half in the future. It is obvious that he does not rest on the achievements but always wants learn. "

Frank Baumann: Werder Bremen and Milot Rashica want to extend the contract

Eight goals in the league and three in the DFB Cup had made Rashica the first half of 2019. He not only focused on Werder, but also attracted other clubs from other leagues . Benfica Lisbon in particular should have done for the national striker in Kosovo. But the Rashica side did not answer, and his approach to a summer change professionally formulated in Werder's training camp on Thursday in the Zillertal again so clearly: "At Werder everything is good for me. There is no reason to think about anything else." 19659002] Like Milot Rashica – nickname " Rocket " – describes it, so Baumann also experiences previous conversations with the player and advisor Altin Lala . "There is no pressure. We are clearly on the same wavelength and approach it with a very clear mutual understanding, explains the former international. Which means good: both want to extend, adapt the contract – and at the same time frame data for a change within the contract period is so good as possible.

to the last message on July 12, 2019:

Rashica – Werder rocket in the ripening process

"Hey Rocket!" The coach's reputation goes out on the left side. is Milot Rashica . Florian Kohfeldt sometimes goes to the training camp Werder Bremen in the Zillertal against the unpleasant striker, giving him an extra explanation of how the next training exercise should go. 19659003] Still in English, "Rocket" says that he also understands most things in German, but for safety's sake Florian uses Kohfeldt the universal language of the football player: the English handball. And Rashica's nickname sounds three times more beautiful. "Rocket" instead of rocket – how cool. And how fitting for a player you probably only know in the coming season how steep and how far he can still fly.

Last season's second half of the season has probably just given a taste of what this is fast, small Kosovo everything can. Eight goals in the league, three more in the knockout matches in the DFB Cup – to say that Rashica in the second half of the season belonged to the best looking players in the league, is no risk. That is the fact. And at Werder Bremen they say much more behind the scenes: This Milot Rashica does not play long in Bremen. Because he is a case for bigger clubs.

Werder Bremen: Milot Rashica doesn't think about a change

But not yet. Now he is still where he is. When athletes Frank Baumann speak that no top player should be thrown this summer, this also explicitly means Milot Rashica . And it's entirely in his mind, says the 23-year-old. "At Werder everything is good for me. There is no need to think about anything else," he explains in a media round in the [WereldBremenTeamHotel].

Somehow it is like this: Milot Rashica has just arrived at the team – after about a year of starting from February 2018 to January 2019. Then suddenly the gates fell, have a lot to do with this arrival he says: "I now know the team, know the tactic . I played more and had more time to show myself." That was the reason to start.

Milot Rashica from Werder Bremen: Never enough goals and assists

Offers like the one that Benfica Lisboa allegedly left to SV Werder for Rashica were just his not arrived. "That's what I have my advisor for," says Rashica and wants to say: To block, he has the advisor. Altin Lala is meant, and the ex-professional has so far accomplished this task. Compared to DeichStube Lala had clearly ruled out a summer finish several weeks ago. Rashica's future lies with Werder Bremen, he said, "We want to make one step at a time." Milot Rashica does not say much about next step . "Continue what I started" was his goal. And more specifically, "shoot and deliver as many goals as possible, as many as possible". Because: "It can never be enough." All these common places together can be said: With achievements, Rashica is a rocket with words rather not. Milit Rashica takes on greater responsibility at Werder Bremen

Even as the new star of the team he does not want to be called. "Oh, I don't know if I am," he says and looks embarrassed. As even nicknames made respectable by Coach Kohfeldt, he makes a little embarrassed. "At first I was surprised to be called &" 39 Rocket & # 39; nor did I want to hear it, but everyone says it – the players, the physios, the coaches. . "

Just like the Bremen game where Rashica is becoming more and more of a protagonist. Coach Kohfeldt has during the first days of the training camp noted that a development begins in his left wing. Being quick, tricky and dangerous is not all the time. Rashica takes more and more responsibility for the team and the field in the training sessions. Commands, game moves, longer-distance balls – these are signs of maturity .

Milot Rashica: Max Kruse was an "interesting to me"

And it's good that Rashica shows these characters. Max Kruse (now Fenerbahce, Istanbul) who, after all, had placed four of his twelve goals competition goals is no longer there. A "important player to me" disappeared there, says Kosovo's national player, but not so important that he and Werder Bremen could not do without him: "We look forward. We still have a good team. "With Milot Rashica who wants to rename her again during the new season.

Meanwhile, a storm colleague Rashica's talked exclusively to the ditch: Flo has brutally strengthened my back, says Niclas Füllkrug in an interview about his return, knee and family. Everything else that is important in Werder Bremen training camps is in our ticker.

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