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Vorarlberg: Rejected Zumtobel Chef Schumacher wants EUR 4.3 million – Vorarlberg –

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In return for his resignation, dismissed CEO Ulrich Schumacher demands EUR 4.3 million from Dornbirn lighting company Zumtobel in an ongoing civil case case at Feldkirch Regional Court. This is apparent from Schumacher's complaint, confirmed at the request of the court spokesman Angelika Prechtl-Marte.

Plaintiff Schumacher says he was fired unfairly as CEO at the end of February. The 60-year-old boss justifies his financial claims with his CEO contract, which would expire in two years. The complainant argues about salaries and bonuses. In addition, the 60-year-old wants to be compensated for the risk of no longer finding an equivalent managerial job. Civil Secretary Norbert Stütler has not yet established a hearing aid in the termination procedure.

Schumacher leads another civil case against Zumtobel at the regional court. The German plaintiff fights his resignation as CEO from the beginning of February by the board. In the current withdrawal, Judge Birgit Vetter has set the worst goal of 500,000 euros.

Agreement on Rest

In the resignation procedure, the parties to the dispute agreed on a so-called rest. If one or both parties to the dispute after three months require the procedure to continue, negotiations should resume. The revocation of the revocation was not proposed for court decisions without waiting and see if Judge Stütler ends his termination process with the termination process in a single procedure. Judge Vetter refused to include the termination procedure in her termination procedure. The respondent has hitherto refused conciliation negotiations.

Both procedures are largely about the same problems that the Western lawyers for the plaintiff and the respondent agree. In each case, check whether Schumacher's compensation was motivated. In the termination process, the plaintiff offered 34 witnesses.

Multiple reasons

The rapporteur puts four reasons for Schumacher's replacement: The disturbance of the relationship with the Chairman of the Board, Jürg Zumtobel, the illumination of Schumacher's private large-scale parking space in Germany. Company costs, flight costs and about 20 business agreements concluded without the Board's approval.

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