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Trump: US embarrasses new troops to Saudi Arabia

A week after the attacks on oil rigs in Saudi Arabia, the region of a state of relaxation is far removed. And the latest decision in the United States should contribute little to a potential de-escalation: In conflict with Iran, the United States will strengthen its troop presence in the Near East.

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, a headache and the unpredictable: Was a war in the Gulf for the world meant

"The president approved the detention of US troops who were told defensive nature", soft defense minister Mark Esper on Friday evening (local time) in the Pentagon . "It all goes down that Iran was responsible for the attack," Espers said of both attacks on Saudi oil refineries last Saturday. and not from Yemen deployed.

Esper softly said, that the military reinforcement in the region should be directed at the defense against air and rocket attacks. U.S. Army Chief Joseph Dunford on Friday in the Pentagon made no requests for troop strength, soft on demand, but it would not deal with thousands of soldiers. Dunford announces further details for next week.

Iran denies any responsibility for the attacks in Saudi Arabia last weekend. Tehran-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen have known themselves to the tat. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had visited them on the lie.

Last June, the Pentagon announced it was sending more than 1,000 soldiers in the Near East to protect US troops and US national interests in the region. By the end of May, the United States had strengthened its troops in the Near East because of the "continuing threat" by Iranian forces by 1,500 soldiers. Previously, the US military had reduced itself to another aircraft carrier and bomb bomber in the region.

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Esper soft, President Donald Trump has made clear that the United States did not want a war with Iran. Gleichzeitig soft Esper: "If we have other military options available, they should be told." Esper urged Iran to unbind its "destructive and destabilizing activities" and to pursue a "peaceful and diplomatic path". "The fact is that the Saudis were both attacked with drones as well as with maritime pilots" and that they were further endangered.

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US president opposes weaknesses

On Friday, Trump announced new sanctions against Iran and simultaneously defended its military containment course. There could be a military blow to 15 major targets in Iran at any moment, "within a minute" in Iran, softly Trump in the White House. They want to avoid the monkeys as much as possible. In the address of critics who criticize my weakness, Trump said: "My opinion still testifies to the strength." because of alleged financing of terrorist activities. "We have now cut off all Iran's sources of income," said Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin. The United States warned all governments not to cooperate more with Iran's central bank.

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