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Trump is still under pressure in Russia's deal

Washington (dpa) – Following the completion of Russia's investigations by FBI investigator Robert Mueller, US President Donald Trump remains under pressure.

His eldest son told Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday again before the US investigative committee outside the Senate – behind closed doors. On the way to the interview, Trump Jr. when asked if he wanted to change his statement in the Senate in September 2017 he had "nothing to correct". At that time, there was a meeting with representatives of Russia in the Trump Tower and a construction project by his father in Moscow.

Trump Jr. should be questioned about half a dozen aspects, CNN reported and quoted informed circles. In May, it was announced that the Senate's intelligence service, run by Trump's Republicans, had called the President's son punished for answering further questions about Russia's investigation.

Trump had reacted annoyed to his son's calling. He had already been testing for several hours at the Congress and "completely alleviated" the report from the FBI Specialist Mueller. Republican committee chairman Richard Burr has been heavily criticized by the 41

-year-old for his submission.

At the same time, on Tuesday (local time), the democratically-dominant House of Representatives voted for a resolution calling for Presidency-President Jerry Nadler, authorized to bring justice to Justice William Barr and Trump's former legal advisor Donald McGahn. Barr and McGahn must therefore be forced to cooperate with the court committee.

The committee had asked Barr threatened punishment to present Mueller's undefined final report on Russia's investigation. However, the Minister of Justice refuses. McGahn, in turn, was a key figure in Mueller's investigation, not in accordance with the court's mandatory summons.

Mueller had investigated about two years if Trump's campaign team had collaborated with representatives of Russia and about Trump later when he was president, preventing legal investigations. The background to the investigation was Moscow's alleged intervention in the US presidential campaign in 2016.

Mueller had completed his work at the end of March and Barr submitted his final report, which so far was only partially blacked out. The specialist researcher and his team had met "many" contacts between Trump's election campaign camp and representatives of Russia. But they did not find evidence of a crime.

The report lists Trump's attempts to influence the investigation, including through McGahn. Mueller did not make clear statements about the law enforcement, but argued for and against it. He explicitly did not release Trump from the charge.

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