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Truck fire in the Pfender tunnel – Vorarlberg –


  The truck burned out completely, the cargo does not seem to have been broken most of the time.

The truck burned out completely, most of the cargo did not seem to have fire.
© VOL.AT / Ronny Vlach

A truck loaded with hay is still inexplicable in the Pfänder tunnel on Thursday night caught fire.

On Thursday evening, a truck loaded with hay in the cab has set fire to the Pfänder Tunnel. The burning truck was in the western tube in the Pfänder tunnel in the direction of Arlberg.

smoke poisoning

The driver of the truck was easily damaged, he suffered a smoke poisoning. The fire brigade Lochau and Bregenz Rieden were in operation.

Pfander Tunnel Closed

The Pfänder tunnel remains closed for rescue and clearing work for an indefinite period of time. It can be assumed that this is several hours.

Traffic reports from Vorarlberg

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