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Trotz Critique wird expandiert «DiePresse.com

Vienna. 83% of the Austrian-useful Internet comparison portal, to find one particularly beneficial offerer. In banking-rich countries, the Smartphone Bank N26 can be placed on the demanding portals for comparison purposes. Most of the time Self-contained and freelance machines are N26, and Einträge was said to be in similar Facebook groups. While many Austrian major banks in business accounts require relatively high buildings, N26 also offers a cost-free business account.

However, the criticism has long been celebrating the start-up N26. The flat socket attaches to a defrosting defect. In the spring week it is known that criminals in hundreds of cases have found accounts at N26, to wash their money.

The Bank of Sitz in Berlin is founded by the Austrian Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal. Both are concerned about revolutionizing the financial sector. With a rating of about $ 2 billion, N26 belongs to the worst start-ups in Germany. N26 is strong and is available in 24 European brands over 2.5 million customers. The next step is the foundation of a technology and innovation center in Vienna. "In the next six to 18 months, Vienna will have 100 Mitarbeiter", Stalf told "Press". Mid-to-long-term up to 300 Mitarbeiter will be mentioned.

Oblivion became IT professional shepherd

Who should belong to Berlin, Barcelona and New York to the large offices of N26. Software developers and IT professionals were sighed. In spite of professional injuries, Stalf is very willing to find suitable staff. There you can use the technical university for a good education. As well as the gigantic reviews of the quality of life in Vienna, Stalf was finally told that Miterbeiter from abroad came to Vienna.

Whoever experienced the "presses" sits at the Europäischen Verbraucherzentrum (EVZ) in Vienna for a long time to defend N26 only. In one case, over 5 to 7 December 2018, 32 unauthorized mailings come to an unknown record in the aggregate of over 1000 Euros per customer's accounts.

If the account holder in December 7 noticed with N26. He had to wait for one hour in chat – contact records by phone or mail were not possible. You need to fill out 32 formulas (for each e-mail, you need to create a separate form). They also had to provide a definitive statement and replace a review with the police. However, only a very good reputation followed. In the year 2019 he reported to EVZ in Vienna. Still slow and here the consumer is being abrogated. "The problem is communication with N26. Here you can come to long walks of life, "says Maria Semrad of the European Craft Center in Vienna.

Weil N26 is a German bank, is the thriving Finanzaufsicht Bafin sustandeig. Whoever posted the "trade leaf", the Bafin found in N26 significant defects and demanded improvements. At one test in the spring, Bafin has, among others, missed out on criticizing the staff for managing outsourced tasks and criticizing the technique. The associated cable has N26, which can easily switch off. Otherwise, the hurdle has a funeral in the single room.

Stald said the "press," it can not ignore specific fields of customers from protection law grounds. "But two defendants at the European Culinary Center in Vienna are, in comparison to the total, more customers in Austria," Stalf. Whoever has many customers that bank in Austria says he is cousin. Ihm said it was important that during the past few weeks the Fälle cousin was not over-conserved. "We process 50,000 customer requests per week", so Stalf. The Bank invested money in the customer service. This resulted in an average of 30 seconds, until one customer reached a site,

Austria customers received a German IBAN. Daher zögern Interested with the acquisition of an account. Mid-term will offer N26 also an Austrian IBAN.

("Die Presse", Print-Ausgabe, 24.04.2019)

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