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Trickers 5: 3: Those Rockjackers Seeing Bozen's Half-Finals

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KAC – Bozen 5: 3: Die Rotjacken ziehen gegen bozen ins Halbfinale ein «kleinezeitung.at

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Despite some 0: 2 backlogs in home games, the KAC game can still play with 5: 3 for that and also win the 4: 1 series. 19659025] 23.00 hrs, March 22, 2019

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Die Rotjacken burned in the first fifteen minutes a week there were works of fathers ab. The game was found almost in the attack surface of the South Tyrol, empty which failed. If the KAC wasn't up to scratch, those guests would be better off. A more numerical predicament was the very first chance of this play happily conveying to surounding enthusiasm Ivan Deluca . The Mania of Coach Petri Matikainen needed a mule to deal with this shock, found with the last few throngs of his game. Jacob Smith in the Bozener Tor erw a few times as much safer backing and endorsed some high heels. The best hats Clemens Unterweger and Mitch Wahl who forgot about all things.

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