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Treaty until 2022 – Oliver Glasner is the new season coach of the Wolfsburg Group

 Oliver Glasner, VfL Wolfsburg

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On the train driver's seat of the VfL Wolfsburg comes from the playground 2019/2020 an Austrian place: Oliver Glasner has signed a revolving retirement till 2022 during the wolf and is thus in summer Follower of Bruno Labbadia. The 44-year-old Salzburger arrives at the Austrian substitute LASK, with the latter in the Bundesliga the second table place called RB Salzburg, who takes part in the qualification round for the UEFA Champions League.

"We have until Oliver Glasner prepared Longer pursued and his impressive workforce in Linz followed closely. These conversations have included the positive endeavors, which are enduring to them, enduring and until the sophisticated feeling that it is the right choice, with the VfL Wolfsburg following the next development phase. Being acquainted with some professional reformer and a real team player, "VfL-Retailer Jörg Schmadtke.

For Oliver Glasner, the commitment in Wolfsburg is the first station im Ausland. “The Wechsel in the German Bundesliga is a great heraldry, on the very seventh friday and I like to ask. In the conversations with Jörg Schmadtke and Marcel Schäfer have been quickly noticed that if they have happy configurations, they would like to play and enjoy fun with the VfL in the coming years. So, what are the conditions in Wolfsburg are renegotiating, so that for soon it was clear that I would like to do their job ", says Glasner, thanks to an exemption clause to change the wolves. "I am grateful to the LASK for the past years and the possibilities, as a coach I can get refurbishments and work in ruhe on high level. This time remains for me a better reminder and I can ensure that you have spent a lot of time in Linz everything, to get some souls. "

There was an inexperienced player as the player for the SV and the LASK Active. Once stations such as Co-Trainer at RB Salzburg and a guest play as a trainer at SV Ried, Glasner 201

5 opted for coaching and sports director in Personalunion zum LASK in the second league. He added the Linzer in 2017 in the first class, in the last year he happily went to the fourth place and next to the UEFA Europa League qualification round.

Source: VfL Wolfsburg / OTS-Aussendung


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